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No Address Book available, and can't add one

Not sure how I got here, but after struggling with a .pst file backup and moving to a new computer, I can't select recipients for emails by pressing the "To:" button anymore.  There are no names in the list, and the "Show names from the:" pulldown menu is empty.

I have an address book, and I can see the Contacts, arranged in five folders.  If I right-click on any contacts folder Properties>Outlook Address Book, the option to "Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book" is greyed out.

Great.  So I go to Tools>View or change existing directories or address books, and the list is empty.  So I click "Add">"Additional Address Books">"Outlook Address Book">Next and I get the following caution dialogue box:

"The account you have added is not fully ocnfigured.  It might not work properly until re-configured correctly."

Click on "OK", and it dumps me back to where I can select "Outlook Address Book" or "Personal Address Book"

I just want to be able to select recipients from the "To:" box.  Anybody?
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Hi cphansen,

"but after struggling with a .pst file backup and moving to a new computer"
try a repair: Help->Detect & Repair

or what do you think about redoing the move, now that you've learned that hard way. the equivalent of a reformat for outlook. here's the official MSKB link, applies to 2003 and 2000 as well.
here's the one for '97:

cphansenAuthor Commented:
Problem is, I've been using it for a while since.  I figured it must be a simple fix, that I was missing something, and that I'd find the answer eventually.

Everything works, it's just the Address Book is somehow detached.  From the Contacts list, I can right-click and send "New Message to Contact".  I just can't select the contact once I've already started composing the message.
Here's how to fix the "show this folder..." option being greyed out:
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The error you get when you try to add the Outlook Address Book normally points to a corrupted profile.  The steps in WillHudson's post will give you the steps to create a new one in Outlook 98/2000 CW mode.

If you are using Outlook 2002/2003 then here are the steps:
How to create a new e-mail profile for Outlook 2002 (287072)
cphansenAuthor Commented:
I found a solution - move to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Thanks for the responses.  I'm sure a re-install or a new profile would solve the problem, but since I don't need to use the calendar, this should work fine.
Hey guys,
 I am having the EXACT same problem, I have tried all the suggestions above but DO NOT wnat to REBUILD all of my files.  I too, have been using Outlook for a while, in this condition (no contacts), but everything else works.   Building a new PROFILE will force me to have to do a LOT of work importing everything wouldn't it.  Please help, I DO need to use my calendar.  Thanks ahead.  D

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