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Runing an HP on a print server

Ok, I am trying to use an HP PSC 2210 on a customers network. To get the printer to work with the print server you have to manually install the drivers by pointing to an inf file containing the driver information.

Problem is, from what I can tell HP hides the driver files in their monsterous setup utilities, a scan of the CD for inf files did not bring up anything, i even checked the cab files to no avail. The only available driver on their website is the install file again, they do not have a basic installation that you can use an inf file with.

 Last piece of info, installing the drivers from the cd and then trying to manually set up the print server does not work, and it would be horrible to go through that on all 5 computers anyways. Basically my question is where can i get these files, i realize that with the basic drivers scan and fax functions will not work, but thats not an issue. I have heard someone refer to them as corperate drivers and that somehow you can get them but a call to tech support just hightened my frustration.

ps, the print server is a d-link usb print server (even though it shouldnt be relavent)
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Darn all-in-ones!

I think your buggered mate ; )

No really perhaps here is an idea - it's not exactly what you want but it might give you the solution. Sorry if you ahve already gone down this path.

Install the print server. I think this will have to be done on each individual computer. To do this you should be able to do this by right clicking in the Printer Folder and selecting server propeties.  Click on the port tab and add port hopefully your Print Server can be installed in this manner.

Once you have your port setup again on each computer you should be able to add your Combo Printer and install it to that port. I have no idea if you will have this option through the install software or if you'll have to Add Printer and perhaps windows have the drivers you need which appear to be the same as the Deskjet 5550.

I've just discovered you could look here:


where you will find that:

"the print engine in the PSC-2210 is identical to the Deskjet 5550, so I went to look for 5550 drivers, and sure enough, the "corporate" package was available. Here's the link:


Man I just like to stay away from those all-in-one crazy things! They are nothing but trouble.
I haD an HP installed on a print server (Netgear) and all I had to do was find the files on the CD. They were sort of hidden and when I found them by trial and error I ended up choosing the Spanish ones but I did get it to work. That was for an inkjet photo printer that HP makes though (can't remember the model name)
iamericfAuthor Commented:
I was able to find the necessary drivers under the alternate modle (Deskjet 5550) you suggested, and it worked like a charm, thanks. Last time I ever consider HP when setting up a print server
This post is a little old, but i felt this should be added to it.

I have the same printer and was attempting to install it on a windows 2003 server for printer shareing and to keep the use of the scanner and memory card read that is built in.

Since this is "not compatible" with Windows 2003 the installation will not proceed. On the install disk it mentions for psc 2200 series and officejet 6100 series. so i look up the installation on HP.com and find the corperate drivers for 6100.

These still give me the not compatable with OS error and fail install, but i installed these drivers on a XP machine and was able to extract the driver files from that machine. I then plugged the printer in and went thru the auto detect pointing to the drivers that extracted from the old machine.

Several .dll's were not located on the xp machine, but i found them in the corperate install so i was able to get it installed on the 2003 machine perfectly fine. If you would still like to get ahold of these drivers for your print server, let me know and ill send them on over.

I'm also attempting to setup a print server using a HP PSC 2210. I run Vista on one machine and XP on the other 2. Vista has the HP PSC 2200 series drivers prelisted and I was able to select and setup immediately. But I'm still having the problem listed above for the XP machines. I thought I'd mention this if someone could possibly extract those Vista drivers and use them for XP or find some way to add them to the predefined Windows driver list.

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