Urgent (wd-xsl)

i have a stylesheet designed in wd-xsl and i want to dynamically transform my xml file to that stylesheet,but as it is the older stylesheet it is not transformed by these days xsl processor. i too tried to convert xsl to xsl using xsl to xslt converter but that one cannot transform fully to xslt.
from javascript i did the transformation using msxxml dom document3.0 but,it sometime works and sometime it doesnot works.

i also tried to create processing instruction from javascript and jsp at the runtime using dom.now how can i show the xml file in internet explorer with dynamically transformed stylesheet(using created processing instruction)??

and is there any xsl processor rather than msxml3.0 which can process wd-xsl stylesheet??

thanks in advance
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First of all you should replace your stylesheet definition:

by standard
<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"

Also sometimes it was default rule added to the stylesheet:
<!-- default rule -->

remove it.

some functions has to be replaced.
Better if you send your old xsl. I will try to convert it.
I don't think that there is a good converters from wd-xsl to standard xsl are exist. because wd-xsl is mostly were implemented by microsoft.

sansajAuthor Commented:
hey thanks
the old xsl is available at

replace all context()[ calls by .[
replace all end() function calls by not(last())
replace all $any$ calls by similiar or constructions.

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sansajAuthor Commented:
>>replace all $any$ calls by similiar or constructions.

what does similar or constructions means.???
for example you have following expression: /metadata/idinfo/keywords[$any$ */(themekey | placekey | stratkey | tempkey) != '']

It should be replaced by:
(/metadata/idinfo/keywords[child::*/themekey != ''] or /metadata/idinfo/keywords[child::*/placekey != ''] or /metadata/idinfo/keywords[child::*/stratkey != ''] or /metadata/idinfo/keywords[child::*/tempkey!= ''] )
in my suggestion "replace end() by not(last())" was mistake:
it should be:
replace end() by last()

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sansajAuthor Commented:
Thanks i am trying this one
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