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Uploading jsp applications developed on Tomcat 4.129 to sun One App server

I have developed around 10 JSP applications(using Java Beans,Database,etc) which are running  on Tomacat version 4.129.Now I have been assigned task to upload these applications to Sun One App server.Without changing much code in the JSP, in which directory of the Sun One appserver should I keep these applications so as to run them?
My second questions is whether it is mandatory to convert these applications to WAR or EAR files.If so how do  convert these apps to a WAR file?Is there any tool to do this?
Actually I have got only a week to run all these apps on Sun One.
Can you help?
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1 Solution
You need to download and read "Programmer’s Guide to Web Applications" from sun. The 3 main files you need to look at are: server.xml, magnus.conf, and obj.conf. You can also go here: http://docs.sun.com/source/817-1829-10/gsgdeploy.html

It's not mandatory to convert to an ear but it's easier to convert and load from a war file.

You can use Ant to do this war conversion: http://ant.apache.org/
An example for creating war files with ant can be found here: http://ant.apache.org/manual/CoreTasks/war.html
Very simple.

1Q A: copy the entire web application from Tomcat webapp folder say "webapp1" and paste it in

C:\Sun\AppServer\domains\domain1\applications\j2ee-modules and restart ur application once. I guess u know how to restart ur appserver. Click on Windows startbutton->programfiles->sunMicrosystems->sunappserver->Stopappserver.

similarly startappserver again.

There is ur application deployed into Sun one application server now.

Another way:

webapp1, webapp2 ... etc till webapp10 are ur webapplications.

go to commandpromt.
change to tomcat webapp folder
go to each webapp1,webapp2 ... webapp10 folders

run the command, jar-cvf webapp1.war *

C:\tomcat\webapps\webapp1\>jar-cvf webapp1.war *
this will create the webapp1.war file.

similarly create webapp2.war, webapp3.war... webapp10.war

Now traverse to the Admin console. While installing the sunappserver u have ur adminconsole port


it asks for user pwd. enter them. and u are there in the interface of deploying from admin interface.  click on webapplications, and u have a deploy button there. Click on it point it to the webapp1.war and press next. its deployed there.

another way is to just copy paste all of these wabapp1.war, webapp2.war, webapp3.war ... into C:\Sun\AppServer\domains\domain1\autodeploy folder and restart ur server.

jar-cvf webapp1.war *


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