Windows 2003 STD ed. automatically restarts, and logs event 1003.

Hi all.

I have a Windows 2003 server on a HP proliant platform. The server has the following softwarea and services installed:

1) Terminal services (30 users)
2) Office XP (for terminal users)
3) Winzip 9
4) Adobe acrobat reader 6.0
5) Trend serverprotect anti virus.
6) Exchange 2003
7) SUS server
8) DNS
9) Active Directory

Patient history:

The server has been running without any problems, as I was using it as a basic file server primarily. During this time I had MS Exchange 2003 installed but have not yet started using it. The server operated well, without any errors until about a week ago.


About a week ago, I installed and licensed terminal server. No errors occured during this phase. I also loaded the latest service pack and installed all cricical updates for the server.
I then installed, activated, and upgraded Office XP for the users. I also Installed Trend antivirus, adobe acrobat and winzip.
Recently the server has started rebooting automatically, (3 times in total so far within the past week).
I did notice, that it happened when I was logged in locally on the server on all three occasions. The server did not yet reboot while I was logged out YET. I was not in front of the actual server each time it rebooted, so I am unable to provide any clue about a blue screen message. The server also takes a while to  reboot after I log in, it does not restart upon login (intermittent reboot). When I Log in after the auto-reboot, I get a message "The syetm has recovered from a serious error" and it then offers to send the error to microsoft. It also logs an error in event viewer:

Date:  3/9/2005               Source:   System Error
Time: 3:55:52 PM            Category: (102)
Type: Error                     Event ID:  1003


Error code 00000050, parameter1 bc0ae678, parameter2 00000000,
parameter3 bf90716a, parameter4 00000001

Resolution attempts:

The only relevant information that I could find in microsofts' knowledge base is article 820767.
I phoned microsoft to try and confirm if this bug also applies to server 2003 but they can neither confirm nor deny any such thing. I phoned HP to find if there is any known problems between windows 2003 std ed. and HP proliant ml 350, and they reported none. I checked: disk space sufficient, virtual memory suffcient, Available memory and CPU temprature is OK.

- Piet
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Netman66Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This does sound like a RAM issue - Windows Server on a Compaq is very fussy about RAM.;en-us;817197;en-us;894278

If these don't help, then turn off the Reboot recovery for a crash so you can record the blue screen completely.  Post it here.

Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
I'm not sure here what's the problem. You can close this question if you want but wait for other expert's input.
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