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jsp including jsp Webshpere

<%@ include file="Header.jsp"%>

change header.jsp, my.jsp has already been compiled. So changes in header.jsp not picked up until I resave my.jsp. Stooopid....

Any option/preference that I can change in WSAD that will force recompiles?

1 Solution
you should use either jsp:include or c:import from JSTL that dynamically includes the jsp.

Other wise you will have to "touch" the jsp or alter the last modified time of that file.
PaullkhaAuthor Commented:
I know. But there must be a setting somewhere in WSAD?
PaullkhaAuthor Commented:
touch is bad because files on repository will no longer be in sync wth local.

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You could look for the work directory where the class files for the jsps are. If you delete that, the jsps will be re-compiled.
WSAD store the compiled files in the following folder:
I dont think there is any way by which u can specify a forced recompile on specific set of jsp files in WSAD for that matter in any other webservers. As bloodredsun suggest, u can use jsp:include which is on runtime. Definately that would help u.

The purpose of creating JSPs into the architechture is to save the compiling everytime. So the mean value of the jsp's will not allow an unchanged my.jsp to get itself recompiled unless u save it.

If u open and see the _jsp.class file of my.jsp u will see that <%@ include file="Header.jsp"%> is replaced with the compiled code of Header.jsp for the first time. This first time compiled Header.jsp java content is embeded into my_jsp.class file. Any further changes to Header.jsp is obviously not gonna incorporate a new compiled Header.jsp's java code to be embeded into my_jsp.class. Hence the runtime include of <jsp:include is ur solution

PaullkhaAuthor Commented:
its not an elegant solution, but it does keep me from having to rebuild project everytime i change a jsp file in my DEVELOPMENT environment.
that's why i disagree that there should not be some option to allow this to occur in a DEVELOPMENT environment. Yes, make it static include, but some tool should be provided by IBM in THEIR ide to help develop jsps.
I plan on creating an external tool that purges these type of directories. IBM could not create such a tool?

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