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I have just bought ASRock K8Upgrade-760GX and AMD Athlon 64 processor. Have followed insructions as careful as ever is possible. Still can't get it to work.
First visible problem is there is no signal to the monitor. Second visible problem: I can switch on the computer but not switch it oss using the on-off button. Third visible problem, only the Hard disk LED  is giving light, not the Power on, neither is it possible to reset. Fourth problem: BIOS seems not working, nothing "happens" when powering on except Floppy disk light goes on, CPU fan works and tansformer fan works. Also slave DVD palyer goes on if there is a DVD inserted.
I am bewildered, to say the least. Please give me advice, so I get it to work.
Lennart EricsonAmateurAsked:
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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Some of the things that could be causing your system not to boot up (blank video screen):
- motherboard shorting on case
- CMOS jumper set to CLEAR, instead of NORMAL position
- bad connections
- faulty or inadequate power supply
- bad RAM
- faulty video card
- bad cpu
- bad motherboard

Take the motherboard out of the case and put it on a nonconducting surface, like wood or a cardboard box.
Install one stick of RAM, the cpu, and the video card, and reset the BIOS after installing the cpu.  Do not include hard disks, other PCI cards, or other peripherals.

If it doesn't start up, swap the power supply.
If it still doesn't start up, swap the RAM.
If it still doesn't start up, swap the video card.
If it doesn't start up at this point, you may have a faulty cpu or motherboard.  The cpu can be tested by trying it in another system; the motherboard really can't, and you would point to it when everything else has been tested out.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Remove EVERYTHING except the CPU and one memory stick and the video card (but remove and put back both the Video card and memory stick).  Try to get it working with the most basic components.  Then add things in until the bad device is found.  You MAY also have to remove and re-install the CPU.

And it's always possible something is bad - mainboard, CPU - doesn't happen often in my experience, but can happen.
And of course, having followed Callandors instructions, if the motherboard still doesnt boot take it back to your supplier and get them to test/replace it under warranty.
Well, a couple of things:

When a system won't turn off with the power button, hold the button down for five to eight seconds.  Those are "real" seconds (one-thousand one, etc.).  It should turn off.

If the power light won't work, either you have it on the wrong motherboard pins, or you have it on backwards.  Flip it, and double check where you have it plugged in.  In fact, improper connection to the chassis connections could be a big part of your problems.

As you follow suggestions from others (none of which are inappropriate), remember that an ATX motherboard is ALWAYS partially powered up and you can destroy things by working in it unless you either unplug the computer entirely or turn it off with a "real" power switch, which not all computers even have.  If you have one, it will be on the back, on the power supply itself.

Usually, these problems are not caused by actual bad parts, but rather by configuration errors.  But not always.
Lennart EricsonAmateurAuthor Commented:
Thanks all for your replies. Right now it seems to be a problem with a contactor - hope this is the correct word - the electrical cord comming from the transformer to the mobo. I am about to give the mobo and the transformer back to the supplier. I'll get back here as soon as I get the result of an ivestigationby the supplier.
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