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Entering username and password via the net

I am in need of creating a script to enter information onto a webpage and pass it with a <enter>.

Let us use hotmail for an example.

I need to go to http://www.hotmail.com
Then enter a hardcoded username and password into the fields on that page
Hit <enter> to log in
so that i can check the mail

Obviously this is a very simple example of which i will make a lot more complicated but i  have no idea how to assign a username and a password that is hardcoded in a script to assign themselves into the appropriate fields then pass the data.

Any help would be appreciated lets just use hotmail as an example i think it would be the easiest or even experts-exchange .. anything with a username and password field.
1 Solution
errr - do you mean javascript... in this case you can use the following ..

document.formname.inputname.value = 'username';

if you mean on the server then you can set the VALUE attribute in the input tag
hartnessjrAuthor Commented:
javascript is fine.. what it is for is a monitor really so that i can set at my desk and run a script that will go to one of our webpages and log into it and then log out just so i know the webpage is up and working.
OIC - this is far more complex then, you need to write a web client that posts data to the forms... you could either write a console application using something like .NET, Perl or any language that has reusable internet libraries or automate IE using COM.
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hartnessjrAuthor Commented:
as far as your example of jscript that you said document.formname.inputname.value = 'username';

im assuming that its the same for password such as document.formname.inputname.value = 'password';

if so then will this not allow me to enter into our site if i used something such as this.. could you expand on this line of code some.
javascript is no good here - this would need to be embedded in the HTML code for the page.....
You could write a program in a language like .NET that supports HTTP POSTS, then read back the page to see if it is functioning.  You could even extend this kind of program to run as a service and make it email or page you when things are funky.
u can use internet explorers save password option to do that....

goto tools->internet options->content tab->auto complete-> enable the username and password checkbox

and enter the username & password for a site once,... after that it won't ask u ....

it works for many websites.. some sites won't allow this feature....

if u want to work for all the sites,,, u have to use the methods specified by the above experts



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