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Hi, I have the following scenario:

I will need to migrate all windows accounts on a AD 2k3 domain to AD 2K domain.  What is a recomended process. All of my mailboxes already live in the 2K domain and all my users already have windwos accounts there as well.  Basicaly, what we need to accomplish is move all machines and accounts from to

Do I merged accounts, if so how. Do i Need to worry about SID transfers, etc.

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tmackConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you already have accounts on your new doman and you want to add the SIDs from the old accoutns to the new you will need to use the SIDhist.vbs. This will append the SID from one account to another. ADMT althought usfull will not merge accounts. Look in your admin toolkit for this file and the accompaning documentation...make sure you run this on the PDC operations master and you have a 2 way trust set up.
Good ole ADMT! - The Active Directory Migration Tool

The following guide site has an SBS2000 to SBS2003 guide, but the principles hold...

ADMT can move user and computer accounts, and keep the SIDS.

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