WordPerfect is changing file attributes to Hidden when saving to network drive

I am running WordPerfect v.12 on Windows XP Home with SP2. The WordPerfect documents are stored on a separate computer on a peer to peer network. The computer with the shared folder is running Windows 98.

Each time I save a document it changes the file attribute to hidden. It is also saving a .tmp file in the same folder, and it is saving the .tmp file with a date stamp of the current date and time minus about 8 hours. So if I save the working file client.wpd to the network folder at 4:00PM, and then browse this folder in Windows Explorer, I will see client.wpd with the Hidden attribute, and a file called pd6754.tmp with a time of 8:00AM.

When I try to open the original document in WP, I can't find it in the Open dialog box because WP will not show hidden files.

I can find the file in Windows Explorer and open it from there.

This problem only happens when the document is saved to the network drive, it works fine when saving to the local c: drive.

The workstation and peer to peer arrangement was working fine until I upgraded WP from version 10 to version 12.

All other computers on the network have either version 10 or 11, and are not experiencing any difficulties.

Thank you!
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A few things to ask:-

(1) Is the directory on the network drive (the shared drive) mapped to a drive letter, or are you referring to it using UNC convention (\\fileserver\drivec\)?  Try editing the other way.

(2) It's got nothing to do with SP2 has it?  

(3) Have you been onto Corel's website to pick up the latest updates for v12?

(4) Is the clock on both pc's set correctly?

(5) If you go into Tools, Settings, File Settings, is the backup directory on the local drive?

(6) While you are there, is Original Document Backup ticked?
getromaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for responding.

1. The drive was mapped, so I tried using UNC '\\server\clients\'. This didn't help.

2. It could be, I have seen some weird things with SP2.

3. Yes I installed the latest patch as soon as I finished the WordPerfect installation.

4. Yes, they are exactly the same.

5. Yes.

6. It wasn't, so I changed it... but it didn't help.

One other note, if I create a new document the default name is 'Document1', after I save the document to the network with a name like 'client_info1.wpd', the save dialog goes away and in the WordPerfect title bar the document name still shows as 'Document1'.

If you go to the menu and look at recently opened files, 'client_info1.wpd' does not appear in the list. It seems to not exist at all, unless you go to Windows Explorer and tell it to show hidden files.
getromaAuthor Commented:
Just to clarify question number 2 in my last comment; I installed WordPerfect 12 after the Windows XP SP2 patch. So I don't know if WP 12 would have worked properly prior to SP2.

As a test I just installed WordPerfect 11 along side version 12. I used all the same file settings, and it works as it is supposed to. The file names are normal, and they are not saved with the Hidden attribute.

So this would seems to eliminate the network as problem, and probably narrows it down to the relationship between WordPerfect 12 and XP SP2.

I am going to install WP 12 on a machine that has not been patched to SP2, and see what happens.
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If you go into: Start, Control Panel, Windows Firewall, Exceptions tab, Add Program, and Browse for WordPerfect - add that in to the Programs and Services list.  Does this help?

getromaAuthor Commented:
Sorry to take so long to reply.

I tried adding WordPerfect 12 to the exceptions list, but it didn't help.

I installed WP 12 on a Windows XP SP1a machine and it worked fine. I then upgraded the machine to SP2 and it still worked fine. The two computers are identical in every way including all the installed programs and network configuration.

I have searched everywhere on the Web and can't find mention of any programs saving files with the hidden attribute, WordPerfect or otherwise.
It sounds like a SP2 issue,  I don't believe that WordPerfect would mark anything as hidden.  The trouble with modern versions of Microsoft operating systems is that the order of installation of things can have an effect on functionality, so even though you have two pc's with identical software on, the exact route taken to install everything on the different pc's was not identical.

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getromaAuthor Commented:
I agree that it has to be an SP2 issue; an unusual one.

I will have to rethink my WordPerfect v.12 upgrade plans.

Thank you for your help, it helped me look in to areas that I otherwise wouldn't have thought of.

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