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Lotus Notes ver 6.5.1 - What exactly does "Recompile All Lotusscript" do? Short explanation is all that is needed.

I do it, but do not know what it does......it completes successfully everytime....never any errors....I looked in Help and it wasn't any Help.....

1.  Why & When is it neccessary to re-compile All Lotusscript?
2.  What kind of errors would the compile detect?
3.  Where would I then see this errors?...not sure what the compiler generates.....

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1 Solution
Do you know what compiling means? In most languages, it turns the original programmer-written code into something the computer can load and run.

In the case of some interretive languages, it "reduces" the programer code to a sort of compact version.  In Java, that's Java Byte Code -- the Java Virtual Machine does not know how to interpret the Java language, it only know how to interpret teh Java Byte Code that the Java compiler churns out.  So, programers take their Java source files, and have the compiler put out byte code.

LotusScript is similar.  Instead of byte code, there is LotusScript object code.  the LotusScript compiler reduces the LotusScript programing code, and puts it into object doe, which is also stored alongside the original code.

Normally, LS code gets compiled as you save the deisgn element taht contains it, e.g., as you save an agent, the code of the agent is compiled and stored in the agent (along with the original source code and everything else that makes up an agent, e.g., name, schedule).

If the code in your database gets "corrupt" somehow, yuo need to recompile it.  Using RECOMIPLE ALL is easier than manually opening and saving eachitem.

Also, if you use %Include disk files containing LotusScript, when you change the file, the code does NOT get automatically updated.  Rather than oepning the design elenmnt that %Include's yoru code, then saving it (which loads the file and comiles it), just recompile.

On eother reason to possibly use it:  Sometimes, when the LotusScript compiler program is updated, it can provide better object code than the older versions.  This allows you to take advantage of that.

You shoudl VERY RARELY need to use recompile.

As for output, a I recall, its only output is the object code which gets "silently" attached alongside the source code.  If there is a compile error, I believe it throws up a dialog box and stops.  You can easily test this by using a %Include in an agent in a small test database, saving the agent and seeing that it works, then introducing a syntax error in the %Inlcude file.  It should then fail recomilation (both via RECOMILE and bu opening and saving the agent).
BeastDanAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much....I've compiled Cobol/Rpg, but never Lotusscript.....your explanation was perfectly done!
But not such a short explanation ;)

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