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Why am I getting Media State Cable Disconnected even though it's not?

The nic properties say the device is working properly.  

It is plugged into a known good network port and I tried:
reinstalling xircom realport2 nic driver
setting it to all duplex setting combos
giving it a static IP

all to no avail.  Please help if you can!!!


1 Solution
Can you verify the cable works and any type of adapter in between works?  Besides trying the diff duplex settings, you should also play with the speed settings.  Some devices don't auto-negotiate well.

Does everything look OK when you do a IpConfig /all in a commend window?
Bad port on the switch or hub?
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This may seem pretty obvious but is the green light on your NIC on?
ADX39655Author Commented:
yes, i've tried different speed combos when i tried the duplex combos.
this is a laptop and i'm using the same cable (snaps into place correctly) and port as i did for a desktop that works
this nic does not have lights on it.
the ipconfig/all gives:

windows 2000 ip configuration
hostname - desktop1
primary dns suffix - company.com
node type - hybrid
ip routing enabled - no
wins proxy enabled - no
ethernet adapter local area connection:
media state - cable disconnected
description - xircom realport2 cardbus ethernet 10/100
physical address - 0010b5a0b24e

which all looks normal to me but why is it saying cable disconnected when it's not.  if it were giving me at least ip or something, that would be a step in the right direction i think...

I would guess that you have a hardware failure on your NIC
ADX39655Author Commented:
it turned out to be a bent pin where the cable plugs into the nic

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