Running Exchange OWA on non standard port, will not work with SSL... Help!


I am running an Exchange 2003 server with OWA running on port 5469 (just to help get away from hackers).

When I connect to this server without SSL, it works fine, no problems.  If I enable SSL (on 443 of course) I get a message that the page cannot be found.  It's not the "you must use https" error page, its just a page cannot be found.  This problem also applies to the default website, so it is not an exchange only issue.  I am using https://servername:5469/exchange as the URL.  At this point I am working on the local lan only.  So there are no firewalls etc causing any problems.

If I set the server back to port 80, everything works just fine with or without SSL.  

So my question is, is there something I have to do when creating my cert or when telling OWA to use SSL that it needs to use this non standard port?  Why would it not work just because the listening port was changed?
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I would suggest creating an http site on port 80 that does nothing but redirect to your secure site.  In your IIS manager when setting the redirection to a URL on the Home Directory tab, just enter https://servername:5469/exchange.  So basically you will have this:  http://servername -> https://servername:5469/exchange

I started doing this because I found that it is too much to ask a lot of users to type "https" instead of "http"...  :)
Security via obscurity is not security.
If someone is determined enough to find your site then they will just scan every port.

Personally I would just leave OWA running on standard ports. Block port 80, leave 443 open. I have found that users will quickly learn to type https instead of http.
OWA also doesn't seem to like operating on different ports - I have had no end of problems using it on non standard ports - but put it back and it works correctly.


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caw01Author Commented:
Actually, since I was using SSL, I should have done a :443 instead of a :5469 for SSL.  My slip.  It is working fine now...sort of...


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