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e-commerce website

Hi Everyone

I am a network admin and web design isnt normally my thing. However i have been asked to create an E-Commerce website.

first things first i havent made a website in a long time and i have never made an E-Commerce site. what I am looking at is this. I want to use Dreamweaver to create the page along with the mxkart extension for making shopping carts. I need to have Cold fusion support on my webserver for it to work though. i have downloaded the developers edition of cold fusion. I will be using IIS on a windows XP Pro computer for my webserver for now.

basically what i need to know is am i on the right track as far as software goes? is there anything else i need or something there that i dont need? or does anyone have any better solutions or experiences using the software above that they could share to help me out.

Gavin McMillan
2 Solutions
Well it seems you are on the right track.  I mean - you know what you want the cart to do and you are going to develop it.  What you need to do is look at some of the payment gateways (LinkPoint, Verisign, Authorizenet.com) if you are in the United States.  These will help connect you to First Data, Visanet, Discover, etc to help verify the transactions

Coreybryant is right if you want to develop it.  You'll also need an SSL certificate for your secure transaction processing, and maybe you can use the same cert for your development / test system and transfer it to your future production box if it has exactly the same URL.   But with all of the great ecommerce packages out there, I'm not sure why you would want to develop one from scratch, especially if you haven't developed in a while, and if you've never developed an e-commerce site.  Even with the mxKart extension, it's still a lot to learn.   Go through the feature lists for some of the more advanced carts (including complex pricing, coupons, integrated marketing, affiliate programs, shipping, site tracking, etc.), and you'll probably see there is more there than one would expect.

I recently spent about two weeks looking for an acceptable shopping cart / online store / merchant account / shipping solution for a customer / partner of mine.  A painful but good learning experience.  And one which caused me to look away from even the good open source solutions out there to a cart with real telephone support.  The community forum-based support, or even email support isn't sufficient when you have a major problem.  If you have some really unusual business requirements, you might be able to justify custom coding.  But even then I would assume you'd be better off with a good foundation --- perhaps someone else has a robust DW/CF/mxKart solution you can build upon.  Whatever your choice, good luck to you.

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