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DNS lookup takes 15 seconds when loading/pinging any website

Hi All,

I am having the problem that all websites take 15 seconds to be looked up by my browser. I am using Firefox (but I have the same problem in Explorer) and any time I type in a website or click a bookmark, I get "Looking up www.sitename.com..." for 15 seconds, regardless of what website I use, and after that time the website loads as normal. Also, if I ping a site in the command prompt, it takes 15 seconds before anything is displayed, and then the response is shown of maybe 160ms, not 15 seconds.

I thought it might be the DNS lookup that is taking this time, so I got the ip address of a website, put it in, and the site loaded immediately. If I then again put in the website url, it takes the same 15 seconds to load. So this does seem to be the problem.

The only significant things I have changed since everything was working properly (as far as I can remember), is that I have installed a Belkin wireless PCMCIA network card in my laptop, and I am using a network in a different house with a Netopia Wireless Router connected to ADSL, whereas before the router was a 3Com, and I was connecting using an ethernet cable.

I thought it was connecting through the wireless card that was the problem, but when I removed it and connected directly to the current router using an ethernet cable, the same 15 second wait happened for any website.

I have no idea what is wrong here, I hope someone here knows what the problem is. It is annoying enough to wait 15 seconds more for each website, but it is even more if the page needs to load items from another website!

Thanks for your help,


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Two things too look at.  
1)  Check the DNS entries in your network setup.  If you network card has the router IP adress as the primary DNS lookup then you will want to change that.  Try using static configuration with your ISP DNS as primary and secondary.

2) Make sure you don't have a redirector on your computer.  Like newdot.net domains or some crap like that.  This stuff could be trying to redirect websites.  (you could check this with a knoppix bootup)

3) try a different router.  It could be that the firmware or the router itself is just screwed.
Ok make that three...
jdudley_ieAuthor Commented:
Yep, I got the DNS ips from the router, and put them in the network connection properties, great!

Thanks eatmeimadanish.

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