Syncronizing Mail Configuration Files

Just a quick question for some of you who may have already found a good solution to this.  we have 4 mail servers on our network all running sendmail with similiar configurations (set up for load balancing and failover via MX records) and its becoming a bit of a task to have to go to each box and change the same files when we modify access/mailertable or more often mailscanner.conf (the mailscanner config file).  is there any way in redhat enterprise es3 to set up some sort of syncronization?

ideally, i'd like to find a solution for not just these but also for the bind files, since these servers also host DNS and have to be updated constantly with new zones in the named.conf.

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You can use rsync to keep the config directories in sync. That presumes that each server will have exactly the same config files. If that's not the case, a solution based on Perl that distributes changes from a "master" to "replica" might be a better approach.

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onsite_techAuthor Commented:
i read up a little on rsync and it looks like it might be perfect (it uses SSH to transfer?  thats already open on all of the firewalls between these boxes so that would be perfect).  thanks alot for the recommendation!
rsync under ssh is the only way I use it. Works great and doesn't open any security holes.
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