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Remote execution

Hello Experts.

I need to start remote process.
In other words I need to run program remotely.
I have a share on remote computer. I can put my program there.
The remote operating system is Win95 or higher.
The remote computer is "unprepared". In other words, no PCAnywere, no plughins, no
telnet server is installed on this computer.

The following solution is not acceptable:
Putting bat fiile in startup script, reboting computer, and bat calls my program.
(Don't know how to put bat file in statupt script remotely, and don't know how to reboot Win95 remotely.)
I am not sure will psexec work either on Win95 or Win98. But, is there similar means
with the same functionality?

Perhaps there is some remote API in Win which can be called programmically?

Thank you.
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1 Solution
beaverton8770Author Commented:
Thank you, kcarrim

http://www.greyware.com/software/gwboot/index.asp - it appeares that to install GWBoot on
Win95 workstaion, I have to physically be at that workstaion. This is not possible in my question.
In other words, this solution assumes using preinstalled tools.

I am looking for tool similar to psexec which, as I understand, does not have to be preinstalled.
Perhaps, I should use some sort of hacking techique, to get control of the system, and install
some simple tool which will let some standard client to be installed for furtherr management.

http://www.softlookup.com/tutorial/WINNT/ch17.asp  - this appeares as using preinstalled/prexisting
tools/clients/services - the same problem as above.

Probably there is no answer to this question or answer needs specific knowledge of given
network in each specific case.
Do you have the PSTools Suite? Download here > http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/freeware/pstools.shtml

psexec \\computer -u Administrator cmd
The above command launches an interactive command prompt on \\computer running as Administrator

Hope this helps
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beaverton8770Author Commented:
Thank you  kcarrim.

I think if instruction for psexec says:
"PsExec works on NT 4.0, Win2K, Windows XP and Server 2003.", this will be
unreasonable to try it on Win95/98.

beaverton8770Author Commented:
I think that solution for my question does not exist.
If Experts can knowlegably confirm this, this will be a 500-points answer.

But, current Experts comments suggest using tools which
should not work for Windows 95 because this operating systmem
probably does not have named pipes.  

This was clearly stated in initial question text: I am citing it:
"I am not sure will psexec work either on Win95 or Win98. But, is there similar means
with the same functionality?". However experts sitll offer psexec. Do they read a
question? Or, do they sure that psexec will work on Win95?

Thank you.
beaverton8770Author Commented:
Additional note.

Of course, I can download pcexec and try it. But, this is why I don't do this myself:

1. I am 99% sure that this won't work.
2. I have to spend time to find a trusted dowload site to be sure that
   this executable does not have viruses, back doors etc, but there still be
   a risk presented.
   I have to setup Win95 enviromnat for test. That's reasonable to do if
   experts positively know that psexec will work.
3. I've replied to all experts comments. But, they did not reply to last mine in return.
   It seems that they abandoned the question.


Straight answer? Use "Subseven". Don't worry about the download (if it has any backdoor,etc., it wont).

Forgot to say to only download from the authors server. Not any other.
beaverton8770Author Commented:

SubSeven requires physical presence for installation. Here, I am citing from:

"The server is usually received as an e-mail attachment which
installs itself onto the system when run."

So, someone (email user) or something must trigger an execution
code on target computer. This is not a remote triggering. I am asking about tool
like psexe which can trigger remote installation. For example, psexec, xCmd
seem drop server and install it remotely by giving them only an address of the
target computer and Administrator password.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

I also have problems to find a home page for SubSeven.
I've tried


with no success. Can you please give a direct link.

Thank you.


yes, i do believe that you're right. i'm sorry.

the link you're looking for is


At the moment it isn't online. They're having trouble keeping the servers up (ISP's shutting them down), if i'm not mistaken their moving into a spanish server.
If you try this link you will either get on the site or if it isn't yet online be redirected to http://www.hackpr.net (the link that you show)

I'm sorry for posting this so late but we have a diference of eight hours. right now it's 18:54 and you'll see the time that it shows the post was made.
beaverton8770Author Commented:
Thank you rraposo for the link.

As I already mentioned and you already confirmed,
there is no much optimism about Sub7
ability to initiate a remote service installation.
I think this question is a dead end and should be closed.

I've already rephrased it in more clear terms:


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