Problem Listbox Control on Tab Control

I have several access 200x apps with a menu system that utilizes the tab control.  One page of the tab control I have a listbox that lists all of the reports that the user can print.  This has worked fine for several years, but now there is a problem were I cannot select any values from the list box.  I can scroll but otherwise the control behaves as if is not enabled.  All the form, tab and llistbox control properties are fine.  I have cut & pasted and recreated the Listbox.  I have rebuilt the entire form from scratch including the tab control, buttons and listbox.  I have created a new database and imported all the objects.  I have deinstalled and reinstalled Access.  Nothing has helped.

My customer has the previous version of the app and it is fine.  This happened while I was working on an upgrade.  I suspect it is VB-related but I can't prove it.

I have read that the Access Tab control is problematic, but at this point I am out of things to try and could use some help.
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Hmm, best to ask your customer for a copy so at least you have a backup and you can check that's also working on your system, as then you know it's system and not database related.

On your system all I can advise it to check for virusses and/or trojans, etc.
Or to do the steps for a corrupted database you didn't do from my list:
MS Access database recovery steps:

1) Create a backup of the corrupt database. (Just in case of)

2) Create a new database and use File/Get external data/Import to get all objects of the damaged database.

3) Try these Microsoft solutions:
Repair A97/A2000:
and/or read the article:
ACC2000: How to Troubleshoot Corruption in a Microsoft Access Database;en-us;306204

4) Bit "heavier":
Access decompile:

5) Try a recovery tool / Table rescue
Table datarecovery:
Access recovery:

6) Ask a company (will cost $$'s ! ) 

check also:

k2jeffAuthor Commented:
Nic, Thanks.  

I have a copy of the old version in a very safe place.  I have good backup and version management habits... ever since getting bit in the past.

I've been throught the corruption route, but not the last three steps you suggest.  I'll give it a try.

It is interesting that I can copy and paste the Listbox onto a brand new form and it works fine.  It also works on a brand new form on a brand new tab control.  There is some object or code on the menu form that is causing the conflict... possibly some object is corrupt.  I think I will also consider rebuilding the form from scratch (not copy past any objects).  What a pita!

I'll post the results.  Wish me luck!
Hmm, I've had the same behaviour, but found that it would only be solved by no longer using the "old" formname.
Looks like Access "remembers" them somewhere....

Thus perhaps the decompile does solve that, otherwise try living with a new formname...


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k2jeffAuthor Commented:
Well it was a bit tedious, but I was able to create a new working form by copying one item at a time and pasting it to a new form.  Then I copied all the VB code behind the form and pasted it... and the Listbox failed again.  So, the conclusion was that the VB code was corrupt.  So, I did the whole process again, but this time I copied the code to Wordpad, and then copied it from Wordpad and pasted it behind the new form... and...  drum roll while I test...  IT WORKS!

Thanks again for your help.  I'm going to close this and award you the points since you got me thinking about other corruption issues.  It doesn't make sense that VB code can have hidden corruption, but then again there is much about Access that doesn't make sense some times.  If it worked perfectly it wouldn't be as much fun  ;)

k2Jeff Out...
Glad I could help, success with the application !

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