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Migrate Exchange/from NT a small number of users

I have 10 users on NT server, domain A the same machine has Exchange Server 5.5
I need to migrate to a new machine with Win2003, Exchange 2003 domain B

I found complex migration ways on the forum like "usertemp machine", promote "BDC to PDC" - is there no other way to migrate user profiles fomr NT to Windows 2003? (what I need is that users, when they will logon on, will have the same desktop and mailboxes - and here is the problems as I have no idea how to migrate 2 at the same time : OS + Exchange Server. Any idea about the steps? (what comes first, what next..)
Thx a lot
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The reason that all the migration methods indicate using a temp machine is because a move from an NT domain to AD is a massive leap. The only way to upgrade a domain to AD is to upgrade an existing domain controller. Therefore from a pure risk point of view, it is better to upgrade a machine that you will not be leaving in production for very long, so that your existing machines are not at risk.

You have to upgrade the domain first. Once you have upgraded the domain then you can think about upgrading Exchange. Look at the two tasks as seperate - don't try and do both at once.

glemaire2004Author Commented:
Thanks for the explanation. In my case, I will not upgrade he exisitng domain but a new domain was created on 2003 (before I joined the team) and what I need to do now is that 1o users from an old NT domain wants to login to  a NEW domain on 2003 (they need to be "moved" somehow.
First, I have no idea how to do a "copy" of their profile:
if they installed something under domain username on their local machines - is this in a profile?  will these program work?

Will they be able to use Exchange Server 5.5 that is installed on the old NT machine?)
Thanks a lot for your help
At some point you will need to move everything across to the new domain. Does that new domain have Exchange already installed? If so, then I would look at exporting the contents of their mailbox from the old server and copying it in to new mailboxes created on the new server.

As for the profiles - you have a number of choices with that.
Are the two domains trusted? If so, you could log in to the machine on the new domain - which will create the profile. Then log out and log back in as a user that has admin rights on that machine - but isn't either the account in the old domain or the new domain. Then move the profile within System Properties to the new domain profile. This will move most data.
You will just need to reconfigure Outlook to look at the new server and move the Outlook data.


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