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Multiple email accounts in one mailbox.

Posted on 2005-03-11
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
I have a few folders under 'inbox' that are named as my email accounts are.  For example, if I have an email address called bill@microsoft.com, then i would also have a folder under inbox called 'bill@microsoft.com'.  When outlook checks the pop account (every 5 minutes) and finds a new email in that account, it will download it and the rules I have setup will automatically transfer that email to the appropriate folder.  

When I click on a folder to view the related emails, i can select one and click reply.  This will, of course, reply to the email, but it will also allow me to select one of my smtp accounts related with that folder that I want to send it to.  So now, I have three different email accounts coming in, but I can reply to a specific email and outlook automatically puts the 'reply to email address in the header of the email, so the recipient knows who it is from.

I have been using outlook 2002 without exchange for a few years now, and it has worked perfectly.

I have three email accounts:

>> myEmail1@yahoo.com
>> myEmail2@mydomain.com
>> myEmail3@mydomain.com

I have installed exchange and copied all of my emails over, everything is working fine until now...  I made a rule for my sub folders that basically tells exchange 'if you recieve an email from myEmail1@yahoo.com, put it in this folder' and outlook is happy to do so.  The problem is replying...  When I reply to an email I don't want the recipient to receive it from user2018@mailstreet.com (my exchange hosting company) - if they do so, they will send the reply back to user2018@mailstreet.com and the message would wind back in my mailbox.  

I have talked to tech support about this problem and I was told that I couldn't reply as an email address from yahoo.com because I don't own that domain... That's fine.  I dont' care about yahoo.  My real problem is with the domains I own - I was told that since I own them they could add a record allowing me to reply from that particular domain.  They added the record and it still doesn't work...

Exchange is suppose to be a more powerful tool than standard outlook, but I can't do something this simple.  I want to have more than one email address under my mailbox - I don't want to have a new calendar, contact list, deleted items folder, sent items folder, tasks and drafts folder for each and EVERY email address I have...  That would be ridiculous.

How do I fix this?  What suggestions do you have?  Am I going about this the right way?  I don't believe that I am the only one using exchange who wants more than one email address with ONLY one calendar folder... after all, how many calendars would one person need?!

I know this is a lot of reading, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Question by:brooksreese
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Expert Comment

ID: 13523262
Try this:
In Outlook, go to the View Pulldown.
Click on FROM so that a checkbox is next to it.
Then you should be able to select the proper email address to send from. This should be any valid Exchange email address that is assigned to your account.
You may have to type them in the first time but I think it will remember it after that.

Check out the following:

Hope this helps.

Author Comment

ID: 13525420
I figured out how to have the 'from' field on my email form (thank you for that), but now when I try to send an email from one of my other email addresses I get an error that says:

"You do not have the permission to send the message on behalf of the specified user."

I have added myname@mydomain.com to my permissions on exchange, but it still isn't working.  

Have you heard of anyone doing what I am trying to do?
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Expert Comment

ID: 13525779
Ok a question on how this is configured:
You said:
>> myEmail1@yahoo.com
>> myEmail2@mydomain.com
>> myEmail3@mydomain.com

I understand the Yahoo Account but I wonder about the mydomain.com addresses.
Are these different mailboxes on the Exchange server or do you have just one mailbox that has 2 email addresses assigned to it.

There are a couple of possible scenarios:
1. I will assume that you actually log into the myEmail2@mydomain.com mailbox.
If you have another actual mailbox configured for myEmail3@mydomain.com then it sounds like they have configured an alternate recipient on it to forward all mail to myEmail2@mydomain.com. If this is the case then they need to give your myEmail2 AD account SEND AS and RECEIVE AS permissions to the myEmail3@mydomain.com mailbox.

2. I will assume that you actually log into the myEmail2@mydomain.com mailbox. The hosting company then added an additional SMTP email address (myEmail3@mydomain.com) to this account. If this is the case then you should be able to use the method I stated above.

You need to check with your hosting company to see how they have everything configured. You are at their mercy. Hopefully they have a qualified Exchange Admin on staff. You may have to request that the tech support individual you speak to escalate this up to the Exchange Admin.

Hope this helps you ask the proper questions.
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Author Comment

ID: 13526893
My actual exchange mailbox is mylogin@mydomain.mailstreet.com (I made up information so I don't give my email's out by the way)  - I only have one actual exchange mailbox.  The rest are just folders under my inbox named what my actual email address is.  THe way i was doing it was going to have all email from myEmail1@yahoo.com forwarded into mylogin@mydomain.mailstreet.com, and then have a rule that sends it to the proper folder.  I now see that this may not be the best way.  

I can change the mx records on my two domains, but not yahoo.  The mx record should be the answer to all of this, am I correct?  After that, as you said, just get SEND AS and RECEIVE AS permissions.  Having done all that, with a simple rule to send email to the proper directories under inbox I should have this problem corrected.  Is this basically it?

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Accepted Solution

Exchange_Admin earned 2000 total points
ID: 13527121
Ok let me try to say it this way:
Your Desires:
To have one mailbox that receives email for 3 different accounts. Youn only want one set of default email folders when you open Outlook.
Your Yahoo account and Domain-A and Domain-B.

Let's forget about the Yahoo account at this time.

1. Tell your hosting company that you have 2 domains, Domain-A and Domain-B.
Have them configure the proper MX records to have the mail delivered to their Exchange server. They will also have to configure their Exchange server to accept email for these domains.
2. They will create a mailbox on the Exchange server for you. They should only create a Primary SMTP address for Domain-A. They should also create a Secondary SMTP address for Domain-B. This means that email addressed to either account will be delivered to this one mailbox on their Exchange server.
3. You will need to configure your Outlook profile to connect to this mailbox on their Exchange server. You can also configure Outlook to download mail from your yahoo account.
4. You can create rules in Outlook to move the messages around any way you want.

The above steps is how I would have set it up. But as I said earlier, it doesn't sound like they did. They probably created 2 different mailboxes, even though you only access one of them. The second mailbox just forwards any mail coming into it to the first mailbox.

I STILL say you should call tech support again and tell them their solution DID NOT WORK. Once again you may have to have them escalate the issue to someone who understands Exchange. Unfortunately the support techs probably only understand Outlook.
Exchange is the backend product that handles delivery, receiving, and storage of emails.

Hopefully I have made this a little clearer. There is little you can do from an Outlook side unless things are configured properly on the Exchange server side. This is what Exchange Administrators are for.

Author Comment

ID: 13532448
Thanks alot for the advice, I am going to call tech support immediately and give this information to them :)


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