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store or send file upto 100mb for free

where do i get a free and good online storage site?
i want to send a 89.5 mb rar file to my friend. i tried yousendit and dropload but they didnt help, yousendit doesnt show the progress meter and just stopped in the middle.
any sort of help is appreciated!!
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1 Solution
Here are some links for you :):):)


Many of these offer a free trial period....

You do have other options though, particularly if cost is an issue....

Split the file into smaller pieces and send through the MSN Messenger file transfer utility, or in several e/mails...

If you need to do this on a regular basis, set up an FTP site on your computer...  Very easy, costs nothing...  Your friend will be able to access your computer and download the files he needs for himself :):)

Hope this helps??

If you want info on setting up an FTP server, let me know....  (:(^_^):)
highcriteriaAuthor Commented:
the problem is i cant cut the file. it's compressed and if i decompress it the size will be 205mb that would increase the problem.
i would like to know bout setting up an ftp server, i guess that would be a solution
Uncompress it....

Open Winzip, make sure maximum compresseion is selected....
This time, tell Winzip to split the file into smaller pieces, say 9x10MB files, or 20x5MB files....

You can send the files seperately this way, once your friend has all the pieces, he simply extracts the contents in the same way as he would the original...

If a problem occurs during the transfer of the file, do problem, you do not have to send the whole lot again, just resend the file that was interrupted and continue from there... :):):)
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highcriteriaAuthor Commented:
thanks i will try that.
To set up an FTP server is simple....

All you need to do is install the windows component "Internet Information Service(IIS)"
This provides all you need to host your own Website or FTP site, and is very easy to setup...

Stick your Windows CD into your computer, add optional components, networking tool and services (I think...) Check the box for IIS, click ok and away you go...

Once installed, you can configure IIS through the Administrative tools option in the control panel, A default location for the server will be created by IIS....

Windows XP restricts the number of concurrent users who can access your server at 1 time to 10 users...  should not be a problem your you at the moment, just bear it in mind.....

For your friend to be able to access your computer, he needs to know its address...

This can either be in the form of a URL, i.e ftp://WWW.Microsoft.Com, or an IP address, i.e

You need to be able to provide him this info...

You can buy a domain name so you can use a URL, or you can find out your IP address...  Your IP address will unfortunately change each time you disconnect/reconnect to the Internet as your ISP will allocate the IP address to you as required, and it will be selected from a pool of IP addresses which it uses to service all of its customers...

You can buy your own IP address if you wany...

However, there are ways to find out the IP address you have been allocated each time you log on, bit of a pain but it saves you money until you get going...

goto:  http://www.technosphere.co.uk/

This is my site, on the login page there is a security notice which will quote your IP address as part of the warning message....

This should start you off at least :):):)

highcriteriaAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot kipski. i will try the iis later but now m gonna make it into pieces and put it in my website(www.meltmx.net). and tell my fren to download it from there. i didn't know that rar could be this much helpful in splitting stuffs. now i know it, m so happy.
Thanks again for ur answer!!

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