ASP.NET Browser Crashes

Hi All:

Just installed the .NET redustibutable, the SDK and Visual Studio 2003. Running a WINXP Po, SP2 (all updates installed), and IIS 5.1. Whnever I make a change, no matter how small, like changing text, I save and build and refresh the browser to see the update. The browers then hangs and does nothing. I cannot bring up the task manager using ctrl+alt+del and soon the entire screen is forzen and I have to do a hard re-boot.

I have tried all over the net to find a solution and cannot find one. Any help is grealty appreciated. Thanks.

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Try accessing the ASP .NET page from another computer (in your network, if you have any).
Also try using another browser (such as Firefox), see if it works.
This way we can find out where the problem is coming from.
If you are trying to use IIS 5.1 then that is a problem, as .NET requires at least IIS 5.5.  You can get a free upgrade from Microsoft at:

This will install IIS 6.0 SP1 (assuming you are NOT running Windows XP)

skotchAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the tips.

-Andrei => Tried this on Firefox, IE 6.0, and Maxthon...same result. Don't have a network so this happens on the main machine.

-Arthur => Tried the link, it goes to an IE upgrade. Tried finding info on upgrading my IIS but could not find anything, even on

This means IIS crashes the system when he receives a request.
Does it happen only when you open an .aspx page, or any other page?

Open IIS manager (inetmgr in Run), in the left pane right click your web application, choose Properties and click the Configuration button. In the list select .aspx and click the Edit button. 'Executable' should have a path similar to C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\aspnet_isapi.dll, 'Limit to' should be set to GET,HEAD,POST,DEBUG, 'Script engine' should be checked. Does everything look alright in there?

If the system wouldn't hang up completely, you could try this tool:

Finally, open Add or Remove Programs, go to Add/Remove Windows Components, uninstall IIS, reboot, open Add/Remove Windows Components again and reinstall IIS.

Arthur: .NET requires IIS 5.0 or above;

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skotchAuthor Commented:

It only happens to appx files, asp and php work fine.

Everything is good to go in the inetmgr. It is the same as the settings you posted.

I tried the tools and ran them, but I am not sure what I am looking for. I could post some the log files if you let me know what in particualar I should post (the log file is uber long).

I did uninstall IIS, re-installed it, installed the redistributable, installed the sdk, and it is still hanging after a change is made to the aspx file.

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