Video Card Upgrade

Hi Everyone,
My Radeon 9600XT 256 meg video card recently died on me so I am looking to upgrade to something better but I don't know what sort of restrictions are in place in regards to what card I can upgrade to. My PC specs are as follows:
P4 prescott 2.8Ghz
1 gig of DDR 400 RAM
AGP and PCI slots for Graphics cards, no PCI Express slots

Originally I was looking to go to a 9800XT 128Meg but I would like to know whats the best graphics card I can get for my PC at the moment
Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Any new card that's AGP should work fine.
the best?

well that is kind of difficult to say, but i am going on the assumption that you are a gamer

in that case go for

ati x800 or x850

nvidia 6800

article is a little old but still valid

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teghkalsiAuthor Commented:
Great, thanks for you help guys, I think cause i'm on a stringent budget I will most likely opt for a 6600GT or a 9800XT
The 9800 is pretty good... but for the same price, you could get an nvidia 6600GT which would be more powerful.
I purchased the Gigabyte 128MB AGP gg00GT for $237 canadian at the time... the 9800 was more expensive.


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teghkalsiAuthor Commented:
Ok i think i'll get the 6600GT instead (if it's around the same price or cheaper) should I look at getting one with 256meg or 128meg. I ask this because my last card that died (9600XT) had 256meg will it matter if I get a better card with 128Meg? e.g. 6600GT 128Meg or 9800XT 128Meg. Will their still be alot better performance gains.

Thanks for your help


You won't need 256MB unless you have huge textures; a 6600GT with 128MB should be a good balance between price and performance.  I got an XFX 6600GT for about $200, and it outperforms a Radeon 9800 Pro, which costs more.
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