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What elements you conisder that must be considered when an Online Marketing Strategy for a site is made?
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duzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
mcse20002000 –

I am not going to write a book about this which is what your question reall requires :) but here is a simple way of thinking about the answer.

Think about where an ‘online marketing strategy’ fits in the bigger picture.

First there must be Objective(s). This means answering the question: What is the purpose of the website?  For example a bricks and mortar store might have as a main objective: Establish a direct source of revenue from orders. An automaker might have: Building an image for the brand. Along with the main objectives there will be subsidiary objectives.

Then there is the Strategy. An online marketing strategy supports the objectives and defines the general approaches taken to meet the objectives. For example one strategy to ‘build the image for the brand’ might be ‘to differentiate the organization through its service’.  Think of the old British Airways here! Strategies are based on analysis.

Finally there are Tactics. These are the actual concrete steps taken to achieve the strategy and it is where the action takes place. Tactics are like maneuvers on the battlefield and can be changed in response to events.  An example of a tactic might be ‘a one week 20% off offer”.

So we have; Objective, Strategy and Tactics.

Now to answer your question (kind of), we can’t have or consider an online marketing strategy without knowing the objectives.

- duz
mcse20002000Author Commented:
Well Said Info Duz -

Can we Take  a Case Study of a small Search Engine Optimization Company & then an online store selling products and / or services.

How do we proceed in these cases?

So all of here at EE and people reading PAQ will  take ur steps as basic guilde lines.
mcse20002000 -

>Can we Take  a Case Study

As you know I am quite happy to help people help themselves but I am not going to do the actual work :) To do a case study on EE properly would require a lot of time and effort, neither of which I have any spare :)

Sorry mcse20002000 :(

- duz
REthridgeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi mcse20002000,

Wilson, oops, I mean duz, offers clues because he want us to come to our own conclusions, Then you follow up with the Tom Sawyer, if you pay me .15 I'll let you develop my online marketing strategy, and finally duz climbs over the fence and cracks your knuckles with a ruler. I love this place.

I think their are 2 types of marketing, Selling and Branding. When developing an Online Marketing Strategy for selling I focus on CPC and For Branding I focus on CPM. This philosophy takes into account that the website was optimized from the "root up".

<duz asks- What is the "Primary" purpose of the website?> This is always the first question, and I wish I could video tape the responses because they are hilarious. I do most of these over the phone and the bottom line is 995 out of a 1000 end up becoming "Taste Great, Less Filling" garb on the customer's side, follow that with the "What would you like your website to do?" and you can check in with an "Uh, huh" every 45 minutes or so. You can end this 6 hour, $ 750.00 in your pocket strategy session with "Ladies and Gentleman, your website cannot be a wandering generality, it must be a meaningful specific, please call when you get your _ _ _ _ together."

<duz states -Objective, Strategy and Tactics.> It sounds so simple, But I have found it to be the most difficult part of any marketing proposal.

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