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Suggestions please.  Upgrade Delphi?

Posted on 2005-03-13
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-05
I've used Delphi since v1, currently using version 5.  I'm interested only in local client development at this time as all my applications are that way, although maybe sometime in the future I will get more interest in more web related stuff, currently its local only that interests me.  
I'm just wondering from the experts is if there is any major enhancements to upgrade to the latest version? (and is Delphi 2005 the latest?  It shows on their site but I know a few months ago I was confused on why they listed Delphi 8 and 2005 differently, and what the differences were).   I guess I would be interested if they made enhancements to their vcl components, like today I have problems with the Tmedia player, it doesn't play some videos, I believe it still uses the old Windows player.  I don't see anywhere that really clarifies if the D2005 components have been upgraded in any way as those are things that would interest me even more.  I don't think I would gain much just having the same components I have now, other then improvements to the development environment itself that they have added.

Thanks for your feedback.
Question by:jexd99
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Accepted Solution

_Katka_ earned 500 total points
ID: 13529962
Hi, I think the best choice for you'll be Delphi 7 it's not
that different but it has many enhancements all the way.
Moreover the support is almost like for Delphi 5 and all
the standartly and most of the nonstandart third party
components are up to date. I'm personally using versions
5, 7 and 2005. Based on type of application I going to
develope I'm choosing the version. I've got in to Delphi 2005
and I've to say that they're becoming more pleasuring
experience every day I'm using them. Mainly because of
native support of .NET un/managed code. C# experience
and milion times more than old Delphi did. Because it's
first version combining good old Delphi and previously
only C++/VB/C# programmers experience. It got Delphi
to a world without rewriting APIs especially for Delphi.
Delphi 8 was announced disaster for me. It was practically
only the .NET part of Delphi 2005 without the classical
core. Support for D2005 is not as good at this moment
but that's normal but meanwhile I was using them the
support grows to satisfying levels.

So my resume is choose Delphi 7 and take a look at
Delphi 2005 trials to get handy. But it's kind of shock
to take and it's meant for practical purposes I'd stick
with D7.


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Expert Comment

ID: 13531267
I think the biggest reasons to move are:
* decent .Net framework support (WinForms development)
* refactoring features
* versioning features
* improved database support

Soon to be released IDE plug-in from Borland that translates Delphi <-> C#.  This would allow you to glom any Microsoft C# code into a D2005 unit.  Even without translation, you have built-in C# compilation from any unit.

You will have to evaluate the different sets of controls individually.
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Expert Comment

by:Mohammed Nasman
ID: 13533003

  It's depend on your needs, if Delphi 5 can do most of your work, then you don't have to spend money for just upgrade for things you will not use, ask your self few question to show if you will benefit from upgrading or not, for example try to answer these questions

* Will you start new web application soon?
* Will your web develpoment require to be ASP .Net?
* Do you plan to use .Net for future projects?
* Are you planing to learn C# and use it beside Delphi?
* Do you need any new feature that exist in new Delphi edition?

and there are more, it's depend on your needs as I said

for me, Delphi 5 and Delphi 7 was best two edition I have been using

But Delphi 7 was the best and most stable verison I have used, and I will use it for next few years, I do some web development using VS2003, which I found it more stable than D8, I don't think you could buy Delphi 7 now, because only version available from borland, but may you could have one from Ebay,

I haven't used D2005 yet in production, it's new IDE that support more than language (Delphi for win32, Delphi for.Net, C# Builder, and soon C++ Builder in the same IDE too)

I'm interested more in the win32 part of Delphi2005, which they have few enhancement in the compiler, and I heard its faster than previous versions in little, but IDE becomes BIG and very heavy, I  like the Delphi 7 IDE, but there are more features in D2005 IDE, I don't think there are new enhancement in the core VCL, just few modiftion and fixing for some bugs, but VCL framework is stable in general

go to borland site, look at the feature matrix of D2005, compare it with your needs, look how much money you will pay, and if you really need that, and compare the upgrading price with some third party tools, which may help you more than upgrading

>>Soon to be released IDE plug-in from Borland that translates Delphi <-> C#.  
it's available as web serivce in bdn site, so you could use it now
just my 2 cents ;-)

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Expert Comment

ID: 13535505


Delphi 7 is good for me.

If  I wanted .net support I would use VB anyway.  For me the whole idea of Delphi is nice small self contained programs - fast and light, easy to deploy with great database support (DBISAM is my choice).

.NET doesnt do this for me (how big is the .net libary 20mb or something?).

Just a comment - no offense to any .NEt Gurus......


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Expert Comment

ID: 13536372
from what you say an your post I would say you need Delphi 7, the IDE is pretty much the same as Delphi 5, but I think it works a lot better

Delphi 8 was .NET specific, and it was a disaster, very buggy, you couldn't do anything in that

Delphi 2005 has some nice new features that really help you a lot as:
Refactoring and Versioning

but on the downside is very slow and consumes a LOT of memory, the IDE changed quite a bit, I personally don't like it, I like the Delphi 7 a lot
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Expert Comment

ID: 13537029
As most of the experts have summarized, it really depends on what you are wanting to do. I do mostly SQL database client apps and I use D5 and D7. I mostly use D5. It works just fine for me. Exe's are a bit smaller too.

One thing to keep in mind howver, and it has yet to happen with Borland's products, is to get so far behind that in order to upgrade you must purchase a new license, i.e. instead of an upgrade price you have to pay full price.

Again, Boralnd has yet to do that, I think, as currently you can upgrade to D2005 from D5 through D8.

It also seems that Borland's odd number relaeases, D3, D5, D7 and 2005 have historically been better releases than the even numbered ones.

Good luck deciding!


Author Comment

ID: 13549285
Thanks for the feedback everyone, all answers were great.  I appreciate it.

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