motherboard fan too fast

i have an A8N-SLI deluxe asus motherboard.... and the system chipset fan... spins at about 9,000 rpm ... all the time.  this worries me obviously.  but i cant find a switch for it.  
  any suggestions?  i can remove the fan... just unplug it.  its a very very very small fan... and i have 6 fans in my system... 2 big ones for the airflow... so... do i REALLY need this motherboard fan????  I dont want 9000 rpm fan waking me up all the time at night.... :)
  if you know how to control this fan... i would be happy to hear that as well....
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alenknightAuthor Commented:
tosh9iii.... just curious... are you japanese?  if so... i am in japan... and curious... any ideas where i could get these heatsinks?????
Yes I'm Japanese.  As for where you could get the heatsinks:

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By the way, it's easy to install.  I have an MSI motherboard and used a different model of the Zalman heatsink.  But after I installed it, ahhhhh, it was just peace and quiet.  Took me about 5-10 minutes total.
Wait, you said you were in Japan... Okay, so I need to find a place that ships internationally.  Give me a couple of minutes...
alenknightAuthor Commented:
just so i am making this clear... cause chipset maybe could mean other things..> I mean the fan on the motherboard.... NOT THE CPU FAN... I have the stock heatsink and fan on the cpu chip.  i mean... on the motherboard itself... there is a tiny tiny tiny fan... that spins incredibly fast... ASUS calls this the chipset fan.... but i see other places call the chipset fan the cpu fan.... so you think this goes on the motherboard right?
Have you checked your BIOS?
Yes, I know "exactly" what you're talking about.   Like I said, I want thru the same thing.  I replaced my case fans, my CPU heatsink, and my Northbridge Chipset Fan (that's what you want to replace).  

I'm not having much luck finding a place that ships to Japan.  If there's a retail computer store near you, there's a good chance that they'll have a northbridge heatsink.

But I did find this one:

$7.50 + $13.50 S/H (to Japan) = $21.00
Yes, when he said 'northbridge cooling', that means the motherboard chipset, not the CPU.  There are a number of passive cooler solutions out there.

or, remove 'northbridge', to give you more options.

HOWEVER, some BIG caveats -- all of the following links are specific to your motherboard, give further details.

The following reviewer page notes that they actually give credit to ASUS for going with an active cooler, as passive might not fit with many video cards.
You'll have to watch out with this, as anything with tall blades, wider form, could block video cards from fitting, ESPECIALLY if you try to go SLI.

This thread notes that some Zalman coolers might not fit, and did marginal cooling given that the NF4 chipset runs hot, but one mention of one possible solution.

These guys discuss problems and solutions with that moboard, also notes Ge6600's might fit better than 6800's in SLI mode.


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alenknightAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot guys
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