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I'm trying to write a simple console output app under Windows XP and having no luck. The WriteConsole procedure wants a handle to the console screen buffer but I can't seem to get one. CreateConsoleScreenBuffer just gives an invalid handle error when I run it (with parameters GENERIC_WRITE, 0, NULL, CONSOLE_TEXTMODE_BUFFER, NULL) so I tried GetStdHandle with the STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE parameter, which doesn't return an error but doesn't give me a handle either. The following is the section of code (compiled with MASM 6.14 and linked with MS incremental linker 5.12). Oh and it's the first thing to run.

; get stdout handle
call GetStdHandle
; eax is now 0

Anybody know why this is happening/how to do it properly?
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boycyAuthor Commented:
Ok, bit more info. Reading through the documentation for GetStdHandle again ( I think the problem is that NULL is being returned because my program doesn't have any associated standard handles. do I get my program to have standard handles? I remember reading that under windows, a bit in the PE header states whether the app is console or windowed...but how can I change this from the assembly source?
boycyAuthor Commented:
Right, managed to answer it myself - finally!
For those interested, the first thing that 'worked' was calling AllocConsole before attempting to retrieve the stdout handle, the only problem was that opened up a new command prompt and closed it as soon as ExitProcess was called.
The bit that did it for me was passing /subsystem:console instead of /subsystem:windows to the linker :D
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