I need the DOS drivers for different wireless NIC's

Hello Everyone,
Last Friday I posted a question (copied a the end of this message) asking how to create network bootable disks. I do understand how to create the disks, I can use the Ghost Boot Wizard or any other free software available like the instant network boot disk.
My problem is:
- Where can I find the DOS drivers for the following NIC cards:?
  Card 1:
  3COM AirConnect Wireless LAN PC Card Model 3CRWE737 96B
  Card 2:
  Linksys Wireless-G 2.4GHz Model WPC54G ver. 2

Any help will be really appreciated,

Hello Everyone,
Last week I took a class in Ghost 8.0 Enterprise Edition. I would like to start using GhostCast to update images in my laptop computers. I work for an University and the computers I would like to Ghost are part of the University subnet, I heard in my class that Ghost Multicast will slow down the network and possibly shut it down, for this reason I am trying to use GhostCast.

Here is my tech classrooms scenario:
3 tech classrooms, with 15 laptops each, 2 servers each, 5 desktops each.

This is what I want to do:
1- I want to create a model laptop, with all the software I need for the students.
2- I want to designate the model laptop as the Ghost Cast Server.
3- The other 44 laptops will be the clients.

I have a pretty good understanding on how to use the GhostCast server and clients, I have already created bootable floppy disks and practice ghosting a standalone laptop.

Here is my problem:
From the 45 laptops, 15 of them are new Dell laptops with internal wireless NIC cards, the other 30 are old Dell Latitude with external NIC Wireless cards. We have 25 computers using a 3COM AirConnect Wireless LAN PC Card Model 3CRWE737 96B, and the other 5 have a Linksys Wireless-G 2.4GHz Model WPC54G ver. 2.

Right now, I am stuck trying to create the Network Bootable floppy disks. I am using Ghost Boot Wizard, but I the drivers for the network wireless cards I mentioned above (3COM and Linksys) are not listed in the Ghost Boot Wizard Templates list.

I have searched 3COM and Linksys websites and look around but I haven't found them. I am also looking at the Bart's Network Boot Disk solution, but I don not understand it enough to create the Network Bootable floppy disks I need.

Could someone send me a detailed explanation on how to create the Network Bootable floppy disks, including a place where I could find the specific drivers I need. How do I add the drivers to my bootable disks? Is Bart's Network Boot Disk a solution to my problem? If so, can someone explain me how to use it?

If you are an expert on this, and you think the solution I am trying to implement to Ghost my laptops is not the best one, please let me know,

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Your idea of ghosting the laptops has got one flaw, 3com haven't written wireless drivers for dos.

My suggestion though would be to use a CD bootable linux distro like knoppix that supports the particular wireless cards and use a linux app for drive imaging.

The other option is to use a pcmcia nic supported in dos and use a cat5 crossover to ghost an image to a 2nd laptop that you can then later store on your server, or wherever. Of cousre you can be running windows on the 2nd laptop.

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