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Web Viewer Preview Tab

I have just developed a few reports in Crystal Reports 10 and have used some simple ASP examples to invoke the Web Viewer from an ASP application I am developing. It's very easy, as this example demonstrates:

     <%  reportname = "myreport.rpt" %>
     <!-- #include file="AlwaysRequiredSteps.asp" -->
     <!-- #include file="MoreRequiredSteps.asp" -->
     <!-- #include file="SmartViewerActiveX.asp" -->

Each of my reports view just fine, but I have a few questions which I hope are easy to answer:

    1. In the web viewer just what in the world is the Preview Tab for (on the left side)?
    2. Can this preview tab by chance be used to list multiple reports, allowing the user to select from a list?
    3. Is there a way to pass an array of report names to the web viewer for listing and viewing in a single web instance?
    4. If no CR is installed on another computer, what minimum DLL's must exist there to enable the Web Viewer to work there?

I'm not using (and hope not to have to use) RAS, only the RDC component, and obviously would love to use just that to pass multiple report names and let the Web Viewer take care of the selection and viewing within one instance. I'm hoping this is possible and seamless. :)

Thank you.
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dsackerContract ERP Admin/ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Update on question #4: Unless you know differently and/or would be willing to verify, I think I've found the answer for this one. The list of files required to run the web viewer on another machine are:

  »  EMFGEN.DLL     (must go in <windir>\System32)

The remaining files can be placed in any directory that can be accessed via web (almost always is the same directory as application's pages that reference the viewers, ie, object and applet tags:


Please correct me if I'm wrong on this, and hopefully this also helps someone else.
Q4.  Deploying apps

Also use the merge modules

>>1. In the web viewer just what in the world is the Preview Tab for (on the left side)?
Haven't used the web viewers but according to the Crystal site the tab is used to help identify the main report when you have reorts with drill down or subreports that open in their own tabs.
This is for CR8.5 but may still be useful with CR10

2 & 3 - the answer is no.

For 3 you could provide a list in the asp page and allow the user to select but not from the viewer.

dsackerContract ERP Admin/ConsultantAuthor Commented:
@mlmcc:  Regarding Q4:

I only want to deploy some Crystal reports to be viewed on the Web Viewer. Nothing else.

The data-entry and navigational pieces of my application are pure ASP/HTML/JS/VBS/CSS.

With that in mind, what are the minimum DLL's and files needed for just the Web Viewer? Does my list (above) cover that?
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dsackerContract ERP Admin/ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Well, I'm getting an education about the Web Server. :)

@mlmcc, the merge modules in the reference you listed are for (1) .NET Visual Studio server install, (2) .NET deployments and (3) RDC deployments (38MB).

I may be too simplistic in trying to find just that which specifically deals with only the files needed to run the Web Viewer on another machine (be it a database server or whatever). My list of files above came from the RUNTIME.CHM, in the section near the bottom of the Contents list, namely "Required files for Crystal ASP Web Report Server". However, I also noticed that in addition to the files I listed above, it also states that "several other required files, such as craxdrt.dll and sscsdk80.dll, are installed by the Web Component Server (WCS)." Not only that, but it also states that "the individual components of the Crystal Web Component Server (WCS) are not available for distribution. If you have written an application that requires the WCS (HTTP references to .rpt files) you will need to install Crystal Enterprise on the target system. Note that Crystal Enterprise is a separate product from Crystal Reports and is NOT subject to free runtime distribution."

So, just about the time I think that the documentation that says there are free runtime components available with the developer edition, I hit the statements above. However, when I then begin to sigh in frustration at the zigzag of information about what must or what doesn't need to be installed, I come across yet another statement that says "the individual components of the Crystal ASP Web Report Server are available for distribution (free)."

So I remain perplexed at all that I'm researching for just a goal of putting a web viewer up on another machine.
Crystal loves writing complex licensing and then not explaining it very well.

To the best of my knowledge craxdrt and sscsdk80 can be distributed if you have developer or advanced edition.  I don't think you need them with the web viewer.

In ASP, you can use RAS (or Embeded Edition as called in CR 10) to view reports on the web. You will need to install RAS SDK (check how it's called in version 10) on the web server, and RAS itself on either same server or on the separate machine.
 Take a look at Embeded version of CR, and ask me if you need more info...

Lady Linet
dsackerContract ERP Admin/ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I'm using the SmartViewer, and have already seen that in order to manipulate it, I'll have to go into the methods and properties of the Viewer.

Thanks, anywayz. :)
Glad i could help


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