AIX 5.1 base CD install issue - skipping setup configuration and looping at logon.

I am installing AIX 5.1 on a 43P-150. I have done this exact install using my same CD on other 43P's with no problem.

This current 43P will go through the install from CD ok, restart, then sit (see below) for about 5 minutes with a code on the chassis of  0581

                                Welcome to AIX.
                       boot image timestamp: 16:42 03/15
                 The current time and date: 17:01:09 03/15/2005
                number of processors: 1    size of memory: 512Mb
boot device: /pci@80000000/scsi@10/sd@0:2
closing stdin and stdout...

Then it continues, starts tcpip stuff and goes to a logon prompt. Funny thing is, I haven't even configured the root user yet! I can't log in with ANY id or password. It has skipped that normal setup that does date/time, tcp/ip, users, etc.

So I re-installed from scratch - SAME PROBLEM!

Someone help me figure out what is wrong with this thing.
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esanchezvelaConnect With a Mentor Commented:


now that u want to boot from CD, I dont see that in your boot sequence of the SMS menu, so I dont think it will try to use the CD at all.

Now, right after you select the installation language, you will have a menu with three options, I think #2 is the one to review/change installation settings, as griessh said, make sure you have new and complete overwrite.

then, after it is done, make sure your harddrive is in the  boot sequenece take the CD out and reboot the machine.


Hi Neil2526,
> /pci@80000000/scsi@10/sd@0:2
Is that the HDisk you installed the OS on?
If not, check your boot devices (press F1or F2 at boot time, right at the fanfare to get to the setup utility)

Neil2526Author Commented:
Well, that helps identify my system. Here's more info from that menu but the symptoms haven't changed.

Here is my configuration and boot device from the SMS menu:
Device Name

PowerPC,604e 375 MHz
L2-Cache 1024K
   Memory DIMM slot = 1               size = 256 MB
   Memory DIMM slot = 2               size = 256 MB
Tablet Port
LPT                 addr=378
COM                 addr=3f8
COM                 addr=2f8
Diskette Drive      addr=3f0
Display Panel
Integrated Ethernet (P1/E1)
SCSI controller id= 7 (P1/Z1)
100 MB Harddisk id,lun=0,0
   CD-ROM id,lun=3,0
PCI Adapters

Security   OK

System Information
100D9FF          Serial Number
TCP04195         Firmware Version
07/13/04         Firmware Date

RS/6000 Firmware
Version TCP04195
(c) Copyright IBM Corp. 2000  All rights reserved.

Current Boot Sequence

1  SCSI 9100 MB Harddisk id=@0,0 ( Integrated )
2    None
3    None
4    None
5    None

I still get the hang at 0581.  And it does eventually boot to a login prompt, but I can't log in. root does not work, and I have not configured any users.
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griesshConnect With a Mentor Commented:
0581 is TCP/IP configuration.
I am not quite sure where it is booting from ...

according to your setup it should boot from HD at 0,0 but you indicate it tries to boot from 2,0. I have seen cases where SMS didn't tell me the truth about the boot sequence. Go in there again and re-select the HD at 0,0 as your boot device, save the setup and reboot.
Neil2526Author Commented:
This is sooo frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did what you said and it now does not hang on 0581 (I wonder if it was trying to boot from tcp/ip). Its starts fast, boots on 0,0 to a login prompt but I CANNOT LOG IN!

root does not work. How can this OS get to this point and not have a root user established. The login just keeps repeating when I type root or leave it blank.

Is there some default login id that I am not aware of?

You can always boot from your CD into single user mode, mount your filesystem and manually edit the /etc/passwd file.

Are you familiar with that process?
Neil2526Author Commented:
Good idea. I am not familiar with that process. I was hitting 5 at the ascii terminal to boot from CD. It then goes into the AIX software install since I am using the vol.1 install disc.

I tried hitting 6 during boot up and going into single-user mode for software maintenance but it hangs at this:

The system will now continue the boot process.  Please wait...
Saving Base Customize Data to boot disk
Starting the sync daemon
Starting the error daemon
System initialization completed.  

I can't get a prompt on this box to save my life!
Neil2526Author Commented:
What sucks is this, from IBM directly, and how it normally works for me: (I have an ASCII display, hyperterm)

Step 4. Configure the System after Installation

   1. On systems with a graphics display, after a new and complete overwrite installation, the Configuration Assistant opens. On systems with an ASCII display, after a new and complete overwrite installation, the Installation Assistant opens.
   2. Select the Accept Licenses option to accept the electronic licenses for the operating system.
   3. Set the date and time, set the password for the administrator (root user), and configure network communications (TCP/IP).

Why would this not be happening. The disk had a previous version of AIX but I do a new and complete overwrite each time I have run the install on this machine. The installation assistant is not running after reboot like the other systems do. An worse yet, no user id is recognized at the prompt!
Neil2526Author Commented:
If anyone can give me a quick easy way to format the disk that would be great too, I am thinking the previous installation must have something to do with this...I know that sounds crazy but this machine is just not doing anything normal at this point.

I am not sure about how you configure your system. The installation should be a clean install, no need to format the disk. Are you sure you are not migrating the old installation to 4.1?
Neil2526Author Commented:
Thanks esanchezvela , between you and griessh I am good to go. I did ANOTHER new and complete overwrite and the smitty assistant ran after reboot. After running through it I am now able to log in. I tried to split points between you but I don't know how that works.
FYI for anyone experiencing this I found that if you do not have a proper null modem cable to your tty/pc that configuration will not start due to the fact that they system is not able to do some type of ascii terminal identificaiton.
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