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GW6.5 SP4 overlay CD.

Hi experts,

 I would like to install GW6.5 with SP4 in ONE go on a netware server.Is there a way i can make /  download the overlay CD with SP4 for GW.I could not find one.I have found that sometimes there are  problems if you install SP (improperly), you have to verify that the files are not RO etc,etc.

I found the following just now in Novell GW Support Forum and hope it will solve my problem:

(  Extract the SP4 to your harddrive, run the setup.exe in the root until it asks for the original CD. After you supplied the original, exit the setup and burn back the whole SP4 directory to a CD. Done.)
I think it will work.Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help in advance.

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1 Solution

They don't make overlays.

Just an FYI.  GroupWise SP's are almost full installs with the patches applied. You want the ADMIN/CLIENT file, and you should download the one that fits your license - if it's English only, download GW654E.  If it's multi-language, download GW654M.  If it's on Linux, download GW654lnx.tar.gz.

The SP needs to see that Gw is already installed, so, sorry to say, "you can't do that" is the answer.

The SP prerequisites section of the readme has all the stuff you need to do first, including making sure you have rights and stuff first, including the not RO thing you mentioned.  Its not so bad if you take your time and follow the directions.  Since you'd be installing the SP right after you install the product, you won't have issues with things being installed where you don't expect them to be, like some admins like to do - you'll know already where you put the software distribution directory and the GW database.  Shouldn't be too bad.

That's where the problems usually come in - when it's been "massaged" and you don't know ahead of time.

It will want to put everything on SYS: unless you tell it not to.  Just make sure you document what you told it to do during the initial install, and you won't have that issue with the SP.
umang505Author Commented:
I got it working.
I copied GW and GWsp4 on different directories on my XP Wks.
I started install from GWsp4\Setup.exe.
It asked me for SDD ---> I pointed it to C:\GW.
I selected the copy files option during install.--->clicked finish afterwards.
Now i can install a new GW system with SP4 from c:\GWsp4. ( I have tried it also)
A similar solution is available at Novell Groupwise Install/Upgd forum also.( It is for GW6 sp3, but it is working fine for Gw6.5 SP4 also)

Thanks a lot

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