Is Small Office Vedio Conferencing is ait a good topic to do as a final project for my Masters

Hi ,I selected Small Office Vedio Conferencing as the final  project for my Masters.I want to know more information about the topic.As what exactly i have to do ,is there any coding which i have to do.Is this a good Topic for my Master's.If not please suggest some good topics in networking ,which i can do as a final project.
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well it really depends on what the requirments of your project are.  you souldn't have to code anything since there are plenty of video conferencing programs out there already.  To be honest i think you might have trouble finding enough info on the subject to fill an entire final project with.  But again,  it all depends on what the requirments of your project are, which you didn't tell us.
Here is my experience in implementing an Audio/Video conferencing solution within my Organization.

First we employ Microsoft's Live Communications Server
This allows all of the users within my organization to collaborate with each other using the Windows Messenger.  They can have voice and video chat with one another.
This software however has some drawbacks.  It's not multipoint at all.  Meaning once you get into wanting multiple users to voice and video to each other, it is not possible with this solution.  It also does not allow you to hold a conference in a room where you can invite other users and internet users to attend.  The active directory integration is nice when you want to allow a user to sign in to a particular server.

Microsoft has a new solution called Microsoft Office Live Meeting.  This service is fantastic if you want to pay for it.  You can have multipoint conferencing with as many users as your willing to pay for.  You have to pay for a subscription to the service which includes users, room licensing, minutes, and other services.  You have limited control of the conferencing server itself.

Within my organization we have T1 at every location.  I wanted something that integrated into the Windows Messenger and that I could control all aspects of the conferencing environment.  We found some software that could do just what the Microsoft software did but only we get to control it and no subscriptions.

This conferencing solution I can install on my server here.  Control and customize the interface to my needs and organization.  It integrates into the windows messenger on the users desktops so they can intitiate a live video/audio conference with whoever they want.  They can send invitations right of of messenger or email to anyone in the world to join the meeting.  I can have multiple conference rooms going at once.  It integrated into active directory so I didn't have to set up hundreds of user accounts to sign in.  The meeting administrator can control the views of the meeting including application sharing and a bunch of other things.

The bottom line is.  If you have the bandwidth.  Get the software that you or your administrator manage and maintain.  If you want a third party to manage everything, then a subscription may be the best way to go.

I can provide additional details and answer any questions.

anumitAuthor Commented:
I am trying to find a good topic in Networking for satisfing my Final  Project req.Apart from Vedio conferencing can u please suggest me some good topics on Security side,or some other good topics as my main concentration is into networking .It would be really great if u can help me out in this .
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Look into Skype --

This is global networking of voice data.  It is new technology FAR FAR ahead of everything else.  Each voice conference is encrypted with keys that ONLY exist for the session, and only between one client and the next.  No one has been able to crack the encryption certificates, as they are passed passively from one system to the next, across the globe, and when the call terminates, so do the certificates (i.e. they are transient).

This technology is so secure that not even the FBI, with all its Terahertz of computing power, can intercept and decode the transmissions.  IT IS THE CUTTING EDGE OF ENCRYPTED SITE-SITE NETWORKING TODAY!!
How about something that's new and a hot topic.

Securing Wireless Networks

The most common wireless threats and how to detect and defend against them
Assess wireless vulnerabilities and protecting your air space
Talk about how cell phones and PDA's can open holes into the security infrastructure of your enterprise
How unauthorized intruders can gain access to the network using hostile rogue access points that they can install
How laptops with integrated wireless technologies can leave your enterprise vulnerable to attack from outside sources

If you like this topic, I can write up an entire outline

I have other good ones too
anumitAuthor Commented:
Thaxs for the quick response and ur ideas,How about me taking up global networking of voice data or Securing Wireless Networks.Both topics are sounding good and intresting.I showed these two topics to my professor ,he is asking me to get detail information of both of them to start working on it.

can u exactly tell me as what i have to implement and how to start it ,and some more details of it ,so that i can start implementing it.Can u refer some good sites,to get idea on them.

In case of Global networking of voice data ,should i write any program,what are the necessary equipments required for this topic.Please Sciwriter ,it woule be of great help for me if u can explain me this topic in much more detail.

Dale Gish  can  u please give me a detail outline of Securing Wireless Networks  topic,as what exactly i have to do in this and from where to start it and what are the necessary equipments required to  do.

Here is my outline.  All of this is searchable with google

I can also do outlines for Networking Fundamentals, Internetworking Routers and switches, Telecommunications fundamentals, converging voice and data networks, deploying VOIP in the enterprise, Network security

1.     Securing Wireless Networks
          Why Use Fast, Wireless Internet Connectivity?
          SPAN, WLAN, WWAN
          Fixed, Portable, or Mobile
          Device, User, Air, and Application
          Home, Office, or Enterprise

2.     Security Briefing
          Air Interface Vulnerabilities
          Limitiations of Mobile Devices
          Security-Oriented Applications
          Accessibility vs. Security
          The Security Plan
          Effects of Wireless Access on Security Policy
          Worst practices
          Unauthorized Access
          Sample Wireless Security Policy addendum
          Common Attacks
          Virus and Trojan Horse Attacks
          Denial of Service
          Packet Sniffers
          WEP attacks
          Virtual Private Network
          Components of a Secure data network
          Remote and extensible authentication
          The IEEE 802.1x standard
          Public Key infrastructure

3.     Wireless Personal Area network security
          Derived from the bluetooth core
          Bluetooth Architecture, specifications, & security
          Bluetooth key generation from PIN
          Trust Levels and service levels
          Vulnerabilities and countermeasures

4.    Wireless Local Area Networks
          Home RF
          Channel Usage
          Securing the IEEE 802.11 WLAN
          Service set identifier
          SNMP community string
          Access control List
          Wired equivalent privacy
          AirSnort and WEPcrack
          Temporal key integriry protocol
          Extensible authentication protocol
          EAP methods
          Tunneled transport layer security

5.     Wireless Wide Area Networks
          Carrier side security
          Cellular digital packet data
          Security goals of 2G network designs
          SIM, BTS, AuC, and HLR
          GSM security algorithms and encryption
          General packet radio service
          SIM processing
          WCDMA/UMTS and 3GPP
          Kasumi: F8 and F9
          Symmetric Cipher

6.     Wireless application protocol review
          WAP layers, architecture, components, gateway, and identity module
          wireless markup language
          universal character set
          Transport Layer security
          Defferences Between TLX and WTLS

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anumitAuthor Commented:
Hi Dale ,thaxs for  ur support ,what exactly the topic  converging voice and data networks deals with ,and what should i actually implement in this .is it something to do with security.what exactly is the topic deals with.
anumitAuthor Commented:
Hi Dale Thaxs for ur help  ,I decided to gohead with  Wireless Wide Area Networks Topic.It is approved by my professor.
That sounds great.  Don't forget to accept someone's answer.  Take care.
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