Exchange, pop3 and Outlook


If I have an exchange mailbox setup in Outlook 2003 and then set up a pop3 account with rules will the pop3 and
rule settings be stored in the exchange mailbox.

i.e. if I was to reinstall Outlook would the pop3 settings and rules require resetting up.

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travalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hmmm, Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2003 do not have the ability to export or import *.iaf files (which contain the Internet Account Settings).  The email account settings aren't stored in the PST file or the Exchange mailbox, so you will need to recreate them.

If you are using the exchange mailbox as your delivery point, there may not be a PST file in your profile.  Either an exchange mailbox or a PST file is your delivery point, but not both.  You can export the Rules by clicking TOOLS->RULES & ALERTS->OPTIONS, and follow the same proceedure to import them, just in case.
Starting with 2003, all rules are now stored within the .pst file.
So after you complete the reinstallation, if you use the original .pst, all rules will still be there.

You could also export them before, and then import them after reinstallation also.
If the .pst file is kept on exchange and not locally, you should be fine without doing a thing.
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