Importing contact from excel


why doesn't stuff from microsoft just work?

I've followed the various help files to try to import to a contacts folder the rows from an excel sheet.

I've named the ranges in excel and Outlook presents the same names in the custom mapping dialog.

To keep things simple i'm starting with just 2 columns: Name & Company. Outlook insists on creating 2 contacts for each instead of one with both fields filled in.
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travalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sure, it's fun to blame everything on Microsoft, and I'm sure it would be much easier to map customized fields while importing a spreadsheet into a contact database from a UNIX command prompt, but the fact is that the import wizard is slick as sh*t, so make sure you are following these steps and it should work fine:

I created an XL file containing this data (including the column headings):

bob                   smith              acme          
bill                    jones              emca          

I highlighted these 12 cells, named the range and saved the file to my desktop.  I opened Outlook and created a new contact folder, then clicked FILE->IMPORT&EXPORT->IMPORT FROM ANOTHER PROGRAM OR FILE->MICROSOFT EXCEL

I browsed to the file and chose "Allow duplicates to be created", verified the current folder is where I wanted the data to go,

I clicked on MAP CUSTOM FIELDS and mapped it like this:

IN XL                                   IN OUTLOOK

FIRST NAME          ->           FIRST NAME
LAST NAME           ->           LAST NAME
COMPANY NAME    ->           COMPANY
EMAIL                  ->           E-MAIL ADDRESS

Click on OK->FINISH and voila, two brand new contacts with name, company, and email address just like I wanted.  This is in Outlook 2003 but I don't see anything that would be significantly different in earlier versions.

Are these the exact steps you are using?
David LeeCommented:
Hi juststeve,
> why doesn't stuff from microsoft just work?

'Cause it's stuff from Microsoft!  Sorry, I couldn't resist making that comment.

juststeveAuthor Commented:
Probably cuz i don't have my name field isn't split to first & last.
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