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Using Substring AND math on the same column

Posted on 2005-03-15
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-26
I am trying to do math on a column, then substring it so I can convert it to a time like value.  The field is a number field that contains HHMM.  I am subtracting another column from it that is in thousanths of a second.  The math works alone.  The substring works alone.  Put both together and it fails.

Here is the math:  select (ENDRUN*60)-(ELAPTIME/100))/60 from CMR_RUNINF

Here is the substring: substring(ENDRUN,1,2)

Here is both:  
select JOBNAME, MEMNAME, NODEID, STARTRUN as "DATE", substr(((ENDRUN*60)-(ELAPTIME/100))/60),1,2) as "START TIME", ENDRUN as "END TIME", ELAPTIME/100 as "Minutes" from CMR_RUNINF order by JOBNAME

Here is my error:
System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: The data type int is invalid for the substring function,
Allowed types are: char/varchar, nchar/nvarchar, and binary/varbinary.

What am I missing?

What is the Oracle equivelant (I need to run this against both DB types!)
Question by:JRamos1200
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Expert Comment

ID: 13551227
Convert it to string first,

select JOBNAME, MEMNAME, NODEID, STARTRUN as "DATE", Convert(char,substr(((ENDRUN*60)-(ELAPTIME/100))/60),1,2)) as "START TIME", ENDRUN as "END TIME", ELAPTIME/100 as "Minutes" from CMR_RUNINF order by JOBNAME

I hope this helps,


ps: Not familiar with Oracle

Accepted Solution

fefo_33065 earned 1500 total points
ID: 13551269

The other way around:

JOBNAME, MEMNAME, NODEID, STARTRUN as "DATE", substr(Convert(char,((ENDRUN*60)-(ELAPTIME/100))/60)),1,2) as "START TIME", ENDRUN as "END TIME", ELAPTIME/100 as "Minutes" from CMR_RUNINF order by JOBNAME

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Expert Comment

by:Renante Entera
ID: 13552687
Hi JRamos1200!

By the way, could you double-check your posted code ???  I think there's a problem on this part :
   substr(((ENDRUN*60)-(ELAPTIME/100))/60),1,2) as "START TIME",

It should be : substr(((ENDRUN*60)-(ELAPTIME/100)/60),1,2) as "START TIME",

Remove extra ")" before "/60".  Just correct me if I'm wrong.

And to answer your question, you could also do it using CAST() function.

Here is the code :

select JOBNAME, MEMNAME, NODEID, STARTRUN as "DATE", substr(cast(((ENDRUN*60)-(ELAPTIME/100)/60) as varchar(10)),1,2) as "START TIME", ENDRUN as "END TIME", ELAPTIME/100 as "Minutes" from CMR_RUNINF order by JOBNAME

Hope this helps you.  Just try it.

eNTRANCE2002 :-)

Author Comment

ID: 13647105
That did got the results I expected, Thanks!  Now I just need to re-think my logic as I was doing bad date math!!

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