manipulation of a long string

I get a string from a recordset, with is delemitered by the | character for
the different values.

The string looks like this:   Peter|Pan|Donald|Duck

Now I would like to each value seperately. For example LblFax.Text should have the value "Donald".

strDetails = rs.GetString(ADODB.StringFormatEnum.adClipString
LblFax.Text = getTheDetails(0);

I wrote the getTheDetails function to get the strings.

public string getTheDetails(int intIndex)
int intEnd = strDetails.IndexOf("|", intIndex, strCurrent.Length);
strTmpDet = strDetails.Substring(intEnd);
return strTmpDet;

It doesn't work properly. Where do I set from which delemiter to begin. Or
is this not possible at all?

Thanks for your help.


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melodiesoflifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can get sub string easier:

string[] a_str = strDetails.Slpit("|");

public string getTheDetails(int intIndex)
     return a_str[intIndex];
ccoe1Author Commented:
Just change the

string[] a_str = strDetails.Slpit("|"); to this and it works perfect

a_str = strDetails.Split('|');
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