Convert External Drive to Dynamic Disk

I have a 2003 Server machine with 4 internal 250GB IDE drives all converted to dynamic disk.  I HAVE A CREATED A 10GB C: drive and the rest is my D: drive (spanned volume).  I also have 4 250GB IDE drives in a external enclosure connected to my server via USB 2.0.  I am attempting to convert them to dynamic disk and make a 1 terabyte E: drive by spanning this volume.  When using disk management i do not have the option to convert the disks.  Is this due to them being external drives or possibly the USB controller?  Can this be done in windows or with a third party software?  Your thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your help.  I am assigning this alot of points because i have spent alot of money on these drives and the box and i have pressure to make this thing work.  Thanks again. jt
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kbws1Author Commented:
After more reading it looks like there is a regedit to allow this to be done for firewire?  I havent found anything for USB ????

you can see that:
Dynamic disks are not supported on portable computers, removable disks, detachable disks that use Universal Serial Bus (USB) or IEEE 1394 (also called FireWire) interfaces, or on disks connected to shared SCSI buses. If you are using a portable computer and right-click a disk in the graphical or list view in Disk Management, you will not see the option to convert the disk to dynamic.


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kbws1Author Commented:
This is not being done on a portable computer.  Yes MS says it cant be done on USB or IEEE 1394 but thats not true.  I just connected a 250 GB external Maxtor drive via firewire and there is no option to convert to dynamic disk.  I then did the regedit found here;en-us;299598#Task1  and then i could convert my external drive to dynamic disk.  I did all this to test the regedit but it doesnt help me with my USB 2.0 1 terabyte drive enclosure.  Has anyone seen a way to do this same thing with USB 2.0 or a third party software.  Again i found way to do it with firewire even thought MS says it cantbe done.  I am hopeing that maybe there is a way to do it with USB 2.0.
it is just not supported as the article says it is supoported only on windows XP OS. allthough there is a workaround for fireware drives. anyway there is no workaround for USB 2.0 drives as this behaviour is by design and as you can see the registry parameter is just there to enable it so if there is no USB parameter you just cannot change it. btw the solution is by MS so MS does not say it cannot be done - they just support it only on Windows XP
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