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Set password expiry date (not account expiriy date)

I currently don't have a password expiry policy active, but I want to introduce one. I also want to force all users to change their passwords over the next N days. If I set the policy up now I believe that many of the passwords will already be too old, and so will expire without due warning, and other newer ones won't require a change at all. I am also changing the complexity requirements, hence the need for all users to change their passwords.

Is it possible to set all passwords to expire in, say 7 or 14 days from now?

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Yes it is !!

Simply check your Group Policy Editor under the Account Settings and activate Complexity and password age. It starts counting from today to the days you set the expiration days to. E.G. If you set the age to be 5 days, then 5 days from now you'll have to insert a new password !

Best Regards !
Not the easy way, no. As you've already (correctly) noticed, if you now set passwords to expire in x days, any user with a password that's older than x will be forced to change the password immediately (assuming the password is not set to never expire). The expiration date is NOT counted from the day you set the policy.
The only thing you can do (if you don't want all of them to change their password at the same time) is to work with the "User must change password" before actually setting the password expiry policy.
dchoxfordAuthor Commented:
Just thought, for the users with fairly new passwords, I could initially set the expiry age to three weeks, then change it to something longer after a week to force them to change as well.

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