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Best Hardware or Saftware App for secure URL/Content/IM filtering

Need some idea's and links to hardware or software sites.

Cisco PiX firewall always and option? what version and add-ons?

ISA server 2004 is already an option.

Our company is looking to install a software App or hardware device that can filter or stop:
Hopefully it can tie in with active directory!
We want reports of activities. So it must have a decent reporting engine.

Internet/content filtering  by user/IP.
IM usage by user or program. We wan to stop this completely for some.
Log reports of users signing on and off of a station/IP etc,etc,etc

Basically something that can give it all to us. If there is sucha device I'll be floored!

2 Solutions
Rich RumbleSecurity SamuraiCommented:
There are a few seperate programs that do what your asking... i've not seen anything short of "spy" programs that do most of this, and they don't work with AD.
Ntop can break-down traffic by certain protocols, such as SMTP, HTTP, Kazaa and many more. There is an ntop client for M$ from openextra but I'm not sure if it's as updated as the linux development is. http://www.ntop.org/overview.html http://www.openxtra.co.uk/products/ntop-xtra.php

Content can be applied to users in a certain group via internet explorer's content advisor... but if they have an alternate browser they can by-pass this.
Proxy servers are probably the best way to accomplish this.
You can use Snort or another IDS to report on keywords in emails, IM's or most any other plain-text messaging system. you can block various IM protocols with a proxy easily.
Have a look at WinGate:  http://www.wingate.com   It is a software proxy server...

It has a good monitoring/logging capability.  It also has a firewall which is highly customisable and can be configured at user level, which sounds exactly like what you are after....  It provides proxy services for all of the likely services you will require, including web, ftp, eMail and many others..

This is a cracking piece of software and it can be used in conjunction with any hardware you may wish to purchase in addition.  For example, I have a hardware firewall/router and I also run the WinGate Server software.

ConSolITAuthor Commented:
Very good!
Yes We currently have 4 layers of security for internal users. Routers and Pix fiwewalls are all cisco based. We want to add another layer for Web defense and control managment.
There are some UNIX based firewalls that we use for Web Site Security. We use those because they are not affected by the MS problems with security.

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