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mfc mdi .net toolbar

I have the standard mfc toolbar created when you make a new mdi project. I added three new buttons using the resource editor. When i run the pgrogram they apper disabled. I tried to enable them with:

m_wndToolBar.SetButtonStyle(9, m_wndToolBar.GetButtonStyle(9) & ~TBBS_DISABLED);

and it works for a split second then reverts to being disabled.

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1 Solution
Toolbar button are automatically disabled if there is no commanf handler for them. Add handlers and they will be enanled.
To enable/disable toolbar buttons use ON_UPDATE_UI handlers.
as2003Author Commented:
Yeah, I found that in the documentation, but I don't know how to use/create/manipulate/find/etc ON_UPDATE_UI handlers
Select class where you want to handle toolbar messages in the Class View . For example, this can be CMainFrame class. In the Properties window click Events tag. Find button ID in the list and expand it. Select  ON_UPDATE_UI item and select handler name from combobox. Fill handler:

void CMainFrame::OnUpdateMyCommand(CCmdUI *pCmdUI)
    pCmdUI->Enable(TRUE);   // instead of TRUE you can use some class member

See details in the CCmdUI class description.

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