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I am replacing some servers here at the office and one of the new servers I want to purchase is a communications server. I have 5 fax #'s at my main office, 4 of them are POTS lines 1 of them is a DID that goes through our phone server and then out to the extension the fax machine is plugged into. What I would like to do is be able to set up those 5 fax #'s to a server and be able to have people send/receive faxes to/from those numbers from their desk. I would also like to be able to create direct fax numbers for some employees/departments out of the block of 100 DID's that I have on one of my T1/PRI's that we are not using anymore. I also have 4 remote branches that connect via terminal services to the main location for their applications/email but use a local fax machine for their faxes. How would I (if at all possible) integrate them into the network faxing? Get 1-800 numbers for them and install the 1-800 numbers at the main location and then just have them get their faxes through the terminal services?

Next part of the question is I would like this communications server to have a pool of modems that the faxes can go out/come in as well as a pool of modems that employees can use with certain applications that require a 56k connection and be able to set their computer up to use the networked modem pool

Any ideas?
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Here is a great product for this:

I am using this for the very same thing except my server has a T1/PRI Board rather than the modem pool you want to use. This app will support modems too, if you want to use them.

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For a modem pool you may be able to use USB externals on a hub, depends on the quantity you intend on installing.
DoobyWhoAuthor Commented:
I was looking at the GFI... My phoneserver has a T1/PRI board as well... but I have several analog lines that I want to be able to use.

Regarding the modem pool - I was thinking about that too, but how would i get an employees computer to see the modem on another computer? Also - how would I get it setup so that if one modem isnt available it automatically selects another.
The GFI Fax server software (or something similiar) will handle this for you- selecting the modems and making them available to the users.
No objection here- thanks!
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