C# Exchange Event Sink ISmtpInCommandSink

Hi again.  I am trying to make a CatchAll event sink for the SMTP ISmtpInCommandSink interface based on the instructions here:


One problem is that Microsoft.Exchange.Transport.EventWrappers.dll isn't strongly named so my project won't compile.  I created a class library and set up the strong naming myself and then used my output as a reference in the main project and that let everything compile ok.

Now nothing works when I try to register the COM+ application.  First I got the error that the class wasn't derived from ServicedComponent, no problem right.  Now I'm getting this error:

TlbExp warning: Referenced type is defined in managed component, which is imported from a type library that could not be loaded because it was not registered (type: Microsoft.Exchange.Transport.EventInterop.ISmtpInCommandSink; component: c:\exchangesinks\catcharchive\microsoft.exchange.transport.eventinterop.dll).

I used regasm.exe on all of the necessary dll's and still nothing.
What am I missing?

I may even be open to paying for some consulting work at this point.
Thanks Dave
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Razzie_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Kaiser, I asked the EXACT same question once:


I never got it to really work, but I just installed it with the /codebase parameter. Though it is recommended not to do it, I have never experienced problems and AFAIK, the chances you actually will get in trouble are very small if you use a not so common namespace, read more about this with this question I asked once:



try to run tlbexp from visual studio command prompt and make sure that all reference assembly in the same folder.
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