set up the version control on VSS for the development web project on server

Posted on 2005-03-16
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-18
I want to set up the version control on VSS for the development web project on server, what is the right procedure to do that? The VSS server is setup already.
Question by:DataField
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Expert Comment

ID: 13562427
1. Create a folder on VSS server name it "abc"
2. Inside "abc" create a folder, name it "users" Create two files, one is "srcsafe.ini" and "users.txt"

contents of "users.txt" is
*****************************(no stars in text file)
Admin = users\admin\ss.ini
M.arun = users\m_arun\ss.ini
***************************** (no stars in text file)
<As many users as you want and which are present in ur local LAN>

Here Admin, M.arun are the login registerd users of clients in ur local LAN under the host server.

Inside "users" folder create folders "m_arun", "admin".

Inside these "m_arun" folder, create a "ss.ini" file.

Conent of "ss.ini" file:
; ss.ini
; This file contains all the variables that "customize" SourceSafe to your
; particular needs.  The ss.ini variables are documented in the SourceSafe
; User's Manual.  Only a few of them are placed in this file by default.

; C programmers should remove the semicolon from the following line, to
; un-comment it.  Other programmers REPLACE the line with different masks.
; Relevant_Masks = *.c, *.h, *., *.asm

; The following line prevents you from being asked for a checkout comment.
Checkout_Comment = -

; The following lines force SourceSafe not to execute certain file types.
.reg (Win) = notepad.exe
.vbp (Win) = notepad.exe
.vcp (Win) = notepad.exe
.mak (Win) = notepad.exe
.bat (Win) = notepad.exe

; Your current SourceSafe project.
Project = $/Project/JAVA/SERVLETS
mssccprj = *.vbp, *.mak, *.dsp
Columns (UI) = 222,178,135,100
Dock_Toolbar (F2G2) = Yes            {F2G2 is the machine name of M.Arun (administrator) user in the LAN}
Maximized (F2G2) = Yes
OutputHeight (F2G2) = 150
Position_Toolbar (F2G2) = 5, 46, 482, 78, 1024, 768
PrjWidth (F2G2) = 300
Toolbar (F2G2) = Yes
Toolbar_DockSite (F2G2) = 59419
Window (F2G2) = 110, 145, 878, 675, 1024, 768
Skip_FCheckout = No
Sort = User

Diff_Format = visual
Diff_Ignore = w-c-e
Visual_Diff_Max (F2G2) = Yes
Visual_Diff_Rect (F2G2) = 308, 162, 717, 576, 1024, 768

Hist_Rect (F2G2) = 246, 198, 779, 541, 1024, 768
History_File_Columns (UI) = 75,85,135,100


outside file "srcsafe.ini" contents

; srcsafe.ini
; Three of these variables -- Data_Path, Users_Path, and Users_Txt -- must
; be in srcsafe.ini.  Any other variable here can be overridden in ss.ini.
; Similarly, any ss.ini variable can be placed in srcsafe.ini to set a
; system "default," which individual users can still override in ss.ini.

; The two important paths used by SourceSafe.
Data_Path = data
Temp_Path = temp

; This tells admin where to put personal directories for new users.
Users_Path = users

; From this, find users.txt; from that, in turn, find ss.ini for a user.
Users_Txt = users.txt

; The following line contains common file groupings.
File_Types = VB(*.asp;*.bas;*.cls;*.ct?;*.dca;*.dep;*.dob;*.dox;*.ds?;*.fr?;*.log;*.oca;*.pag;*.pgx;*.res;*.swt;*.vb?),VC(*.bmp;*.c;*.cpp;*.cur;*.cxx;*.def;*.ds?;*.h;*.hpj;*.hpp;*.hxx;*.ico;*.inl;*.mak;*.rc;*.rc2;*.rgs),VID(*.asa;*.asp;*.css;*.dbp;*.dtq;*.htm*;*.pkp;*.sln;*.sql;*.txt;*.vip;*.wdm),VJ(*.java;*.vjp;*.pkp;*.sln;*.txt),VFP(*.cdx;*.db?;*.dc?;*.fpt;*.fr?;*.idx;*.lb?;*.mn?;*.mpr;*.pj?;*.prg;*.qpr;*.sc?;*.vc?)

This must solve ur establishment of the project.
Later, open the installed VSS (microsoft), click on file->opensourcesafedatabase->pointtoVSS Server->srcsafe.ini and click ok.
You can Set the WorkingFolder for any directory on the VSS. and checkout the file by rightclick and checkout into that folder. Modify that file and check it in. Another user will not be able to checkout the file already checked out.


Author Comment

ID: 13596740
thanks for the instruction. I want to set the project on the development server as the Master Copy, and create a web project based the master copy. The others could create a local project by linking to the web project from InterDev.
How to do that?

Expert Comment

ID: 13598337
Web Project is just another folder structure in hierarchy.

VSS is used to maintain the latest copy of the Code running on the server. Suppose you have a server say "Server1" on which the web project code is running. Get the entire "server1" source code and establish a project on VSS. This is the synchronized VSS code of the server in VSS. Now if some user modifies a source code in "server1" which is held loose, there is no way by which these changes are incorporated into VSS as long as u checkout the existing version from VSS and checkin with the changed file.

If you want to establish a master copy and let the users create a local project then here is one way:

1. Create a WebProject (Source Code of the latest Running Server) on VSS and deploy all the source code.
2. Create users for the webproject of VSS
3. Let the users check out the from the VSS their necessities into their local folder and checkin after they are done with the changes. So that VSS maintains the latest source code everytime.

But this could be very dangerous if you are working with local servers (say each client using its own server for the web project) because, the changes done by other users go into VSS which will no where be reflected into the rest of the developers "UNLESS THEY DO MANUALLY".

You cannot have a direct synchornized system with VSS. It is the only reason why people go for CVS rather than VSS.

I guess you got the answer.

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Author Comment

ID: 13605129
Thanks, could you let me know the detail procedures for "1. Create a WebProject (Source Code of the latest Running Server) on VSS and deploy all the source code."

Expert Comment

ID: 13609061
Open VSS from the Startmenu->VisualStudio->VSS

on left hand you will find a directory structure in case the user has any projects he is allowed to see.
Or you can do it in this way.

1. Follow my first post. Establish VSS directories and users on the VSS server for the project you want to create.

2. Open VSS. Click on File->OpenSourceSafeDatabase->  A dialogue box appears, Click on BROWSE button, navigate to your VSS Server directory where you have created the entire VSS directories for the project you wanted.

If you carefully see my post 1, you will know about "srcsafe.ini". Just point to this in that BROWSE dialogue, and say open.

3. This will open up the VSS structure for that new project.

4. Rightclick on the left hand treee pane, and Create a new project, browse to the VSS server and proceed.

5. Assume that you have all the latest source files in hand from the running server, Click on the File->Add Files and browse to the file, select it and say ok, add comments, the file will be added to VSS this new project.

You can also create sub-directories on the main directory of VSS (Tree Structure), create folder and add files to that folder. You need to be an administrator of VSS to avail the ADD/DELETE features.

6. After establishing the entire VSS, you can set permissions to the users of modifying, deleting etc.

I guess this answers your question?

Author Comment

ID: 13617191
The VSS structure had been created by one guy who left the company already, currently there are two web project,  setup on VSS and works fine. I just want to add another new project to VSS.
The web projects is on serverDev, and VSS is on serverVSS.
I tried the above steps, but I am still confused, I have question on step 5
5. Assume that you have all the latest source files in hand from the running server, Click on the File->Add Files and browse to the file, select it and say ok, add comments, the file will be added to VSS this new project.
**yes, I can add the files to VSS from the web project on serverDev. But how to set the web project on serverDev as Master Copy?


Accepted Solution

arun99907 earned 750 total points
ID: 13619187
I did not understand what a MASTER COPY means?

Can u write what does MASTER COPY imply to you in terms of plain english. May be i can help u if that is clear to me.

Author Comment

ID: 13624054
Sir, Let me give you more detail about the current VSS setup in my company:
1. VSS is on serverVSS, web application (webproject1) is on serverDev.
2. the user is able to create a local copy of web project from local work station by the following steps:
    a. open InterDev locally, click File --> New Project
    b. fill in 'Name' and 'Location' (local copy path), then click open
    c. (on 'Specify a server and mode' popup) fill in 'what user do you want to use' as 'serverDev', choose 'Master mode' (that is what I mean "master copy", the web project on serverDev is master copy, whenever user make change locally after checking it out from VSS, the master copy is changed too)
   d. (on 'Specify your web' popup), choose 'Connect to an existing Web Application on serverDev', pick 'webProject1' from the dropdown list, then click Finish.
Currently the VSS had been setup in my company, and there are two web projects on VSS now and work fine. The local could create local web project by the above steps.
I just want to add another new web project to VSS. Just don't know how to do that?

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