Getting Started With JSP/Servlets

hello, Experts

I just wanted to get some information about getting started with
JSP web programming,  I do have some programming skills
with ASP(horrible language!) and Some PHP 5 but recently I decied to learn JSP/Servlets.
below are some of my questions.

1. Where to get started?

2. a list of recommend books?

3. Perl Vs JSP pros and cons

4. Is java all Object Oriented?

5. Is java 1.5sdk backwards compatiable with sdk 1.4

6. Why is java so slow?

7. what is Struts?

8. other suggested languages to learn.

Thanks, Any Help is appreciated
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boonlengConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>1. Where to get started?
- (chapter 3)
- or setup Tomcat and Eclipse for development.

>2. a list of recommend books?
- OReilly Java Server Pages
- OReilly Java Servlet Programming
- OReilly Java Servlet and JSP Cookbook

>3. Perl Vs JSP pros and cons

>4. Is java all Object Oriented?

>5. Is java 1.5sdk backwards compatiable with sdk 1.4

>6. Why is java so slow?
Coz java support multiplatform, the JVM need compile bytecode to machine code specifically targeted for the machine it is running on.

>7. what is Struts?
Struts is a web application frameowrk based on J2EE technologies (JSP, Servlet)

>8. other suggested languages to learn.
may be M$ .Net
my1stop2gamingAuthor Commented:
Great! Thanks Just one more question should I
I learn java first or JSP
my1stop2gamingAuthor Commented:
Let me refrase the question:

Is Java required in order to use Java Server Pages/Servlet?
also I have been reading a book(Wrox: Beginning Java 2 SDK 1.4)
and its does not teach you anything about JSP. Should I quit reading
that book?
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Java is actually the language. Servlet, JSP, applet, EJB..etc are tecnologies that use the language,
so you need to have some basic of Java language. Once you have the basic, the rest are just APIs and design patterns.

I've gone throught the toc of the book, the 1st haft of the book are basic knowledge and the 2nd haft are API that you might use in your application.

There's lots of tutorials at, the following are some of the references I used when i learn my java: (Thinking in Java)
my1stop2gamingAuthor Commented:
Thank you Thank you... You have really been helpful, Wow what a relief knowing I dont need to read that whole GIANT BOOK.
I'm learning jsp, servlets, and beans. The absolute best book, and I have used over 10 different books is
Java Server Pages  by Aneesha Bakharia.
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