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I use internet in Thailand every time I change Isp I need to change Dns Are ther any Dns That I can Use for most ISp
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Chris99bConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out http://netmon.grnet.gr/stathost/rootns/  It's a list of the primary root servers which should be pretty reliable :)

a.root-servers.net - m.root-servers.net

Obviously, you need the IPs, not the names. Here's A-D:

a.root-servers.net has address
b.root-servers.net has address
c.root-servers.net has address
d.root-servers.net has address
CRAP sry about that, those are no good

Try this:  http://www.opennic.unrated.net/public_servers.html

Under tier 2, and of the following servers should work:

ns1.de.opennic.glue (Cologne, DE) -
ns1.jp.opennic.glue (Tokyo, JP) -
ns2.jp.opennic.glue (Tokyo, JP) -
ns1.nz.opennic.glue (Auckland, NZ) -
ns1.uk.opennic.glue (London, UK) -
ns1.la.us.opennic.glue (New Orleans, LA, US) -
ns1.phx.us.opennic.glue (Phoenix, AZ, US) -
ns1.sfo.us.opennic.glue (San Francisco, CA, US) -
ns1.co.us.opennic.glue (Longmont, CO, US) -
What are you using DNS for ? Just for internet browsing ? Is it dial-up or leased line ?
ALL ISP's giving IP/netmask/DNS servers automatically when you connect ...
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