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Delete Partitions - reinstall XP

InteractiveMind asked

My brother has an XP machine.. The PC was built from scrap, so it doesn't have a reformat disk..

Normally, when he reformats the computer, he just deletes the c: partition, then uses the XP installation disk to reinstall XP; however, when he tries to do it now, here's the error message that he's getting:

"setup is unable to perform the requested operation on the selected partition. This partition contains the temporary setup files that are required to complete the installation"

What's that about?

Btw: He doesn't have a floppy disk on him, so scrap any ideas of using a boot disk.

Thanks in advance,
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Hi InteractiveMind,

you cannot format your root partition from within windows. boot using you xp setup disk or a booting floppy (i know you said you dont have one) and then format it.

Get a bootable XP Cd.

At the welcome screen for Windows Xp setup, Press enter to install. This will dispaly the partitions...Choose the one to install on. Chose format in FAT32 else NTFS (Not very advisable but alright ot use that)


Go to www.bootdisk.com get the

Boot Disk for Xp (Six Floppies) or

>>together with any Winxp CD

Boot from the floppies with the Xp CD in the drive.
At the welcome screen press "R" for recovery console.
This should give you a prompt.
This will give you instrauctions to delelte the partition then From there you can either format or Do the installation.

Or Visit www.bootdisk.com:

Boot Disk for Win98 SE
Use the Fdisk utility on the floppy (By booting from it and typing fdisk)  to delete and create Primary Dos Partition.
And then Format it with the same disk.  (format c:/s)

Bootdisk for Windows ME and Do same

Good luck

Hi InteractiveMind,

R_Rajesh is right, you cannot delete the ROOT partition while it's active or in use.
This is what you need to do.

1.) Start machine and get into CMOS setup (normally by hitting the DEL key)
2.) Change the booting device sequence to CD-ROM as the first booting device.
3.) Save and Exit (Make sure the Windows setup CD is in the CD-ROM)
4.) During bootup, it should check for bootable CD in CD-ROM.
5.) It will ask you to hit-key to boot from CD. So hit it!!

Hope this helps :)

These are good guides to reinstalling XP . . you might want to print one for reference during the install.


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Thanks very much all!
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