Problem not resolving my hosting websites without www in the begining

Hello , I'm currently hosting a few websites & i have this issue. currently any website that i'm hosting I have to type in the www in front of the domain in order for the website to come out if I type it will not resolve. I know it has something to do with the dns or webserver but I need somewere to start. I'm currently hosting this site on a windows 2003 standard server running  IIS6 & Microsoft DNS server.  if some screen shots are need it on the dns setting i'm more than happy to post them. THank you.
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The problem is internal to your network?  Can you list 2 or 3 of the domains here?
you need to configure your DNS to do that, in the zone file you need something like

@ IN CNAME www.your.tld.

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fernie007Author Commented:
This is the DNS setup for one of the sites. 

ftp                               Alias (CNAME)       
www                           Alias (CNAME)        
mail                             Host (A)                
ns2                              Host (A)                
(same as parent folder) Mail Exchange (MX)         [10]
ns2                              Mail Exchange (MX)         [10]
(same as parent folder) Name Server (NS)           ns2.
(same as parant folder) Start of Authority (SOA)   [24], ns2., administrator.              

What would I need to add , can you add an example like the ones above?
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OK here is what I see:
Parent nameserver for is not responding. ns2. is not a valid host name (so this means that you do not have ns2 listed at the parent nameserver.)

your SOA record states that your master (primary) name server is ns2 (not a valid domain name)
SOA email should not just be administrator (should be

Your mail does not work either.

fernie007Author Commented:
i'm not sure from were are you doing a who is lookup information : but if you do it from you will get this info for

Domain servers in listed order:
      NS2.COMPUZO.NET is is online & operational website & E-mail does work (not  this dns  server is offline)
      NS1.COMPUZO.NET is (currently offline)

fernie007Author Commented:
I figure it out by doing more reading . here is the quick fix for does that are not very familiar or technical.

1.- on the dns server add a  A Record & only enter the ip address of the dns server.
2.- on your webserver add a hostheader . for example & have both &

Thanks everyone.
To see what shekerra is talking about, see

She is right that your SOA needs to be a proper host name.  I would recommend that you do this:

(same as parent folder) Start of Authority (SOA)
(same as parent folder)  Name Server (NS)
ftp                               Host (A)                
www                           Host (A)                
mail                             Host (A)                
ns2                              Host (A)                
(same as parent folder) Mail Exchange (MX)         [10]

If you are using host headers for your website, make sure that you have listed as well as
:)  Sorry, was still typing that when you posted.  Looks like you got it yourself.
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