405 method not allowed when calling ASP web service

I have an application that runs fine on my development machine locally that consists of a web service and a client application calling the web service.

When I move the client portion to another machine and use my dev machine (Windows XP Pro SP2, IIS 5.1) for the web service I get an error on the client app stating
"405 method not allowed" when attempting to call the web service.

I can pull up the web service web page and test it fine from the client machine, but when I run the client application I get this error.

I've searched for many fixes and already added POST and GET configs to the web.config file.  Also, I've re-installed ASP .Net on my dev machine through the aspnet_regiis -i.  My persmission are set to allow anonymous access and scripts are allowed to run.  I'm not sure what other security setting I can change.

Thanks for any help.
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have you done the WSDL file for the client again - check that it is not pointing to localhost or the lopback address. you can see the end point towards the end of ther WSDL file.

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Valdar729Author Commented:
WSDL file?

I'm not sure where I would find that.

The web services are referenced through my dev machines name so when deploying the client it should be calling it by name and not ip or loopback.  I can ping my dev machine and run it through the test page fine, using the machine name.

Also, I would get a 404 error if I didn't have it set correctly, right?
Valdar729Author Commented:
I'm an idiot, I had the client app referencing the web app correctly, but there is a class that I didn't have set correctly to reference the web service.  Thanks for the help.
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