powder does not hold complitely....letters are crossed by thin ink lines

We have HP Deskjet 660C Inkjet printer and lately we have noticed that the letters(espeacaly bold format) printed on page are crossed by thin ink lines.....it's appears so, but the lines are not very discrete. It seems like a powder does not want to hold on a paper surfice. After 20 min printed, i can still with my finger dragging over the letters smesh the ink around. We replaced the black ink cartrige hoping that may fix the problem, but it didn't. Also i do not know if this is something to do with the issue, but around the cartrige head seems to acumulate a little of ink. We also run cleaning and alinging utilities on software side on PC. In clean process it printed out lines which looked fine, because horizontaly it works. In aligning process it printed aligned bars good, but the bars are crossed by the thin ink lines. The less bold or smaller letter, the less ink lines crossing the letter appears.
I tryied my best to describe. ...if i did not do very good job, can anyone tell me how to better troublshoot the problem. Maybe someone has idea of what could be the problem?
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i would start with cleaning the printer from dust and paper debris; since you replaced the cartridge, that should be fine.
I never heard about an ink that did not dry within a minute; so, are you using the HP cartridges, or a "white brand"? that could be the reason also, and do you use normal printing paper?
If this was a laser I would say it was the fuser or hte paper that was causing the problem but since it is not I am inclined to think that all you need to do is change the ink setting. You should be able to choose among various settings including Draft and fast Draft. I suggest Tring Draft. If it still does not hold then we can troubleshoot further but I suspect that the problem is that the setting you are on is releasing the amount of ink needed for top quality and it is also possible your paper is not what the printer is told it is. If you are trying to print on plane white medium quality paper it is very different that printing on high quality glossy paper. The cartridge head is supposed to have a little ink, that is normal and occurs on most if not all inkjets. As for the thin lines I think that one of these should be able to help you. I am not sure exactly what you described but I am pretty sure that one of these three addresses your problem.

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Another reason may be that the bar along which the print head moves has dried up. Try lubricating it with a small amount of lip vaseline and try printing again.

margotskAuthor Commented:
I tried  the things you suggested and it did not fix the problem. I end up buying a new printer. Thank's anyway.
If it is Ok, I want to distribute points as fallows - SkyvanMan -250, Edan-150 and nobus 100
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