Best way to modify a Client user DSN remotely using VB6

We have a MERANT 3.70 ODBC driver installed on several clients with a same name user DSN to access a Progress database.  I'm needing to modify the user DSN for several clients and I want to batch process the modification.  Can someone put me on track to information on programatically modifying "User DSN".  I should be able to push the user DSN modification program out to the clients using the PsExec in PsTools from Sysinternals but I need to find information on modifying the DSN.  Any help would be appreciated.
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abbdanAuthor Commented:
I think I just found my own answer.  Thanks anyways.;EN-US;q171146
abbdanAuthor Commented:
Actually if someone can show me how to modify a user DSN programatically rather than delete and recreate I'll accept that as an answer.
the values for the dns are stored in the regestry


you could edit them that way

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abbdanAuthor Commented:
I've already found the answer I was needing.

Best way to do it is to make the modifications on your local machine in the ODBC administrator program.  Run Regedit, go to either HKey_LOCAL or HKey_USER depending on if its a system DSN = LOCAL or user DSN = USER.  Highlight the folder in \SOFTWARE\ODBC\ODBC.INI\yourdsnname and export a backup of that to your desktop.  Then push it out to all the clients using the logon script or psexec in pstools.  I appreciate the help anyways but I've resolved this myself.
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